NAB List Learning

If a word is a perseveration, would we also score it as a semantic cluster, if that word happens to fall into the same category as the previous word, even though it is a perseveration?

Only correct responses are able to be considered part of semantic clusters.


I wanted to confirm once again for NAB list learning that there should only be ONE categorization for every answer. I did have an instance come up where someone said a completely new word twice (said the same intrusion twice). I just marked the first instance as an intrusion and the second as a perseveration.

That was the correct way to score those responses. 


How should we categorize a word that could be a semantic cluster but was followed after a perseveration? o i.e. A patient said the following in the List A trial 2 immediate recall:

  • Waiter
  • Belgium
  • Trout
  • Shrimp (semantic)
  • Portugal
  • Belgium (perseveration)
  • Artist
  • Tuna
  • Sweden
  • Waiter (perseveration)
  • Plumber (semantic??)

    In this instance, it would not be a semantic cluster. You care about the strategies they use to get the correct words. Giving similar words that are incorrect would not make that correct response linked to another correct response in the same category, therefore, it will not be considered a semantic cluster.

September 12, 2015
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