2020-2021 Wednesday Clinical Rounds and Seminars


Date Time Speaker Title Lecture Type/ Event
July 8 10:30-11:30 Tuhina Neogi, MD Gout Summer Lecture Series
July 15 10:30-11:30 Mike York, MD Rheum Emergences Summer Lecture Series
July 22 10:30-11:30 Gene Kissin, MD Joint Injections Summer Lecture Series
July 29 10:30-11:30 Mike York, MD Scleroderma Vascular Dz Summer Lecture Series
August 5 10:30-11:30 Marcin Trojanowski, MD Autoantibodies Summer Lecture Series
August 12 10:30-11:30 Monica Crespo, MD Lupus Summer Lecture Series
August 19 10:30-11:30 Maureen Dubreuil Spondyloarthritis Summer Lecture Series
August 26 10:30-11:30 Marcin Trojanowski, MD Myositis Summer Lecture Series
September 2 10:30-11:30 Tuhina Neogi, MD Research Opportunities in Gout and OA Summer Lecture Series
September 9 11:00-12:00 Dr. Ballal  Diagnostic evaluation of suspected systemic lupus Rheumatology/Dermatology
September 16 10:45-11:45 Joel Henderson, MD Case Discussion Pathology Rounds
September 30 10:45-11:45 Dr. Murakami Imaging Subchondral Insufficiency Fractures Grand Rounds
October 7th 10:45-11:45 Dr. Menn-Josephy Calcineurin inhibitor management in lupus nephritis Grand Rounds
October 14 11:00-12:00 Dr Al-Haseni Urticaria and urticarial syndromes Rheumatology/Dermatology
October 21 10:45-11:45 Dr. Navarro Millan Using Implementation Science Methods to Develop Interventions for Arthritis Grand Rounds
November 4 10:45-11:45 Dr. Flavia V. Castelino Beyond the Guidelines: Optimizing the Management of SSc-ILD Grand Rounds
November 11 11:00-12:00 Vagi Murgusan, Fellow Rheumatologic work-up of palpable purpura (inc treatment of ANCA related vasculitis) Rheumatology/Dermatology
November 18 10:45-11:45 Dr. Dooms Dysfunctional T-cell subsets in Scleroderma Grand Rounds
December 2 10:45-11:45 Dr. Simms Mimics of Scleroderma Grand Rounds
December 9 11:00-12:00 Dr. Lam Oral ulcers in rheumatic diseases and its mimickers Dermatology/Rheumatology
December 16 10:45-11:45 Dr. Bingham New and Emerging Treatments and Management Approaches in RA topic. Grand Rounds
January 5 10:45-11:45 Dr. Seoyoung Kim Comparative cardiovascular safety of biologic and targeted-synthetic DMARDs for rheumatoid arthritis Grand Rounds
January 20 10:45-11:45 Dr. Grayson Discovering VEXAS: The Science of Team Science Grand Rounds
February 2 10:45-11:45 Dr. York QI Projects Fellows Lecture Series
February 10 11:00-12:00 Dr. Shih Treatment of Skin Manifestations in Systemic Lupus Dermatology/Rheumatology
February 17 11:00-12:00 Dr. James-Goulbourne Treatments and monitoring in Dermatomyositis Dermatology/Rheumatology
March 3 10:45-11:45 Dr. Bolster Four Common Questions our patients ask us Grand Rounds
March 10 11:00-12:00 Dr. Zeruche Treatments and monitoring in scleroderma Dermatology/Rheumatology
March 17 10:45-11:45 Dr. Merkel Update on Treatment of ANCA-Associated Vasculitis: Evidence From Recent Clinical Trials Grand Rounds
March 31 10:45-11:45 Dr. Calabrese Vaccines in immune mediated inflammatory diseases and highlighting covid vaccine updates Grand Rounds
April 7 10:45-11:45  Dr. Aggarwal Myositis Grand Rounds
May 5 10:45-11:45 Dr. Cappelli Checkpoint inhibitors (Title to be updated) Grand Rounds
May 12 11:00-12:00 Dr. James Goulbourne Dx, work-up, and treatment of eosinophilic fasciitis Dermatology/Rheumatology
May 19 10:45-11:45 Dr. Malone HPP disease state, how to screen for this condition and diagnostic tests needed to confirm diagnosis Grand Rounds
June 2 10:00-11:00 Dr. Mistry lysosomal storage disorders and their musculoskeletal complications. Grand Rounds
June 16 10:45-11:45 Ginger Janow Pediatric Rheum (Title to be updated) Grand Rounds
June 30 10:45-11:45 Dr. Henderson Case Discussion Pathology Rounds