BU Pulmonary Center – Social Justice Forum (BUPC-SJF)

Inspired by the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement and the profound detriments of a lack of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in academia and medicine, a group of trainees within the BU Pulmonary Center founded a trainee-driven initiative called “BU Pulmonary Center- Social Justice Forum (BUPC-SJF)” in June 2020. The goal of the BUPC-SJF is to educate the community about social inequities and disparities rooted in academia and medicine, empathize with one another, and come out as better-informed global citizens in addition to being great scientists and clinicians. Since its commencement, this initiative has grown to be positively welcomed by the BUPC leadership and has been formally included into our weekly departmental conference series as ‘CCR-SJF’ merger forum.

Beginning 2021: BUPC-SJF Scientists to Follow

Summer-Fall 2020: BUPC-SJF Discussion Forum

Topics discussed at the CCR-SJF Merger Forums included:

  • How Are We Addressing Health Care Disparities in Our Pulmonary Dept. at BMC? (led by Alexis Foreman, Jinesa Howard, Dr. Frederic Little, Dr. Hasmeena Kathuria, and Neelou Etesami)
  • “Persist Equity Challenges in Covid19 Care” Dr. Ann-Marcia Tukpah and Dr. Matthew Moll, From the Pulmonary and Critical Care Section at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

BUPC-SJF Organizing Committee

Kristine Abo Senegal Carty Ernest Dimbo* Neelou Etesami* Filiz Korkmaz Carolina Lyon De Ana
Elim Na* Christine Odom Kiloni Quiles-Franco Anukul Shenoy*# Lindsey Stein#

(*Founding members, # Website Design)