BUPC-SJF Discussion Forum

Summer- Fall 2020:

For the 1st edition, the BUPC-SJF and the attendees assembled on a weekly basis to have an informal discussion about a topic pertaining to some form of social injustice. Each forum was led by a trainee who acted as the discussion leader for that session. The forum usually started with a short educational/informational component followed by extensive discussion where attendees openly voiced their feelings and shared their experiences in a safe space devoid of judgements and power differentials. The goal of the forum was to welcome all opinions with an open mind and empower a space for students, faculty and staff of the BU Pulmonary Center dedicated to implementing DEI at the institutional level.

Topics discussed at the BUPC-SJF Discussion Forum included:

  • “Why Black Lives Matter”
  • Systemic discrimination
  • How influencers and political rhetoric shape the concepts of racism in America; implications on BLM and politics moving forward
    AAPI Allyship for BLM
  • Inequality in STEM/Academia Part 1: the scope of the problem
  • Inequality in STEM/Academia Part 2: How We Can Stop It
  • Racial Inequality in Healthcare.
  • Being an International Trainee in the US
  • Addressing Confederate Statues: What do they represent
  • Why I read “IF” by Rudyard Kipling everyday
  • Monetizing Racism/Consuming Racism
  • Recognizing Colorism
  • Whose shoulders are we really standing on? Exploitation of Black bodies in science & medicine
  • Hispanic Heritage Month Segment Liberty and Justice for some; the truth about U.S. territories
  • Inequalities in Voting
  • Hiring Diversity
  • Why Language Matters
  • Reparations
  • URM: Who we are and why schools struggle to matriculate URM students every year; implications on our concepts of diversity in the workplace