Dr. Klings Advances the Fight against Sickle Cell Disease

A recent article published by Boston Magazine highlights the transformative impact of Dr. Klings’ work, emphasizing the importance of collaboration between healthcare providers, researchers, and community organizations in tackling complex diseases like Sickle Cell Disease. As the largest center of its kind in New England, the Center of Excellence in Sickle Cell Disease has long taken an innovative and multidisciplinary approach to care for patients.

In December, the FDA granted approval for the first gene therapies designed to treat Sickle Cell Disease. However, this significant advancement in potential cures may prove futile if there isn’t widespread confidence in the medication. Given that Sickle Cell Disease predominantly affects Black Americans, a demographic historically marginalized within the healthcare system, establishing trust between patients and physicians is paramount.

Dr. Elizabeth Klings, a Pulmonary professor at BU, has served as the Director of BMC’s Center of Excellence in Sickle Cell Disease since 2015. With her patient-centered approach, she develops comprehensive care plans tailored to individuals across their lifespan. “We’re not just caring for people here in our Center, but we are also trying to change the national conversation around sickle cell disease in protocols and logistical procedures, but also in the perception of the disease overall,” Dr. Klings says. ​

Dr. Liz Klings speaks with a patient. Photo credits: Boston Magazine

Read the full story in Boston Magazine: https://www.bostonmagazine.com/sponsor-content/boston-medical-center-sickle-cell-disease/