Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) Faculty Appointments and Promotions Forms

Below are deadlines, forms, and additional information regarding the Faculty Appointments and Promotion process.


All materials for faculty appointment and promotion dossiers must be received by the deadlines listed below, and will be included in the FAP Committee meeting, providing the appointment package is complete.

Mon, 4/26/21Thurs, 6/10/21Wed, 6/23/21


BUSM Faculty Appointments and Promotion Dossier Submissions


Submission Deadline*

FAP Committee Meeting

Executive Committee Meeting

Mon, 5/24/21 Thurs, 7/8/21 Wed, 7/21/21
Mon, 6/21/21 Thurs, 8/5/21 Wed, 8/18/21
Mon, 7/26/21 Thurs, 9/9/21 Wed, 9/22/21
Mon, 8/30/21 Thurs, 10/14/21 Wed, 10/20/21
Mon, 9/27/21 Thurs, 11/4/21 Wed, 11/17/21
Mon, 10/25/21 Thurs, 12/2/21 Wed, 12/15/21
Mon, 11/29/21 Thurs, 1/13/22 Wed, 1/19/22
Mon, 1/3/22 Thurs, 2/17/22 Wed, 2/23/22
Mon, 1/31/22 Thurs, 3/10/22 Wed, 3/30/22
Mon, 2/28/22 Thurs, 4/14/22 Wed, 4/20/22
Mon, 3/28/22 Thurs, 5/12/22 Wed, 5/18/22
Mon, 4/25/22 Thurs, 6/9/22 Wed, 6/22/22
Mon, 5/30/22 Thurs, 7/14/22 Wed, 7/20/22
Mon, 6/27/22 Thurs, 8/4/22 Wed, 8/17/22

* If Faculty Affairs receives an incomplete package, the package may not be included until the next meeting

* Unmodified Associate Professor and Professor package submissions are reviewed/approved by the FAP Committee and BUSM Executive Committee. Per BU Bylaws, the packets are then forwarded to the BU President for review/approval (this will require more time for approval consideration)

Required Documents and Explanation for Faculty Appointments & Promotions Processes at BUSM

All completed dossiers can be submitted to the Faculty Affairs Office (within the Office of the Dean and Provost) at If you are a faculty member, please submit the form to your department. The documents listed below can be saved to your computer, but please note that these documents may be modified at a later date.

For more information, please visit:
BUSM Faculty Information
BUSM Faculty Promotion Guidelines

Contact Information:
Phone: 617-358-9600

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