TAP Study

Treatment for Antepartum PTSD Study (TAPS)

2022-2027 (PI: Nillni)


Having PTSD during pregnancy is associated with a range of adverse outcomes for mom and baby, including preterm birth and increased risk of postpartum depression. The current study, Treatment for Antepartum PTSD Study (TAPS), aims to provide treatment for PTSD during pregnancy to decrease symptoms of PTSD and ultimately improve perinatal outcomes.

This randomized controlled trial will test: a) the effectiveness of a 5-session evidence-based treatment for PTSD (i.e., Written Exposure Therapy; WET) during pregnancy as compared to a non-trauma focused evidence-based mental health treatment, and b) the delivery of WET by community health workers vs. delivery of WET by mental health clinicians (e.g., social workers, clinical psychologists, counselors). Adult pregnant individuals under 28 weeks gestational age with elevated PTSD symptoms will be recruited. All individuals who enroll in the study will receive therapy, but the type of provider they have and the focus of treatment will differ based on which group they are randomly assigned to be in. Results will inform future efforts aimed at improving access to and quality of care for treatment of PTSD during pregnancy.

Grant Title: A Non-Inferiority Trial Testing Delivery of Written Exposure Therapy by Community Health Workers For Treatment of PTSD During Pregnancy

Funded by: National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD: 1R01HD107282)