Congratulations to William Lehman!

Congratulations to Professor and Vice Chair William Lehman for being honored as one of the BU Chobanian and Avedisian School of Medicine Educators of the Year Award recipients.

Congratulations to Chris Akey!

Molecular Cell selected his paper entitled Implications of a multiscale structure of the yeast nuclear pore complex as one of 20 for their Editor’s Choice 2023. The listed papers were chosen as examples of “how molecular biology can be used to go beyond basic mechanisms to discover new biology, understand diseases, and to create new tools”.

Congratulations to Vanna Zachariou and Philipp Mews!

Congratulations to Vanna Zachariou and Philipp Mews for their recent 2024 Spivack Neurosciences Awards that support clinical or basic research in Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and other neurological disorders. Dr. Zachariou was named as a Distinguished Neuroscience Award receipient and Dr. Mews received a Spivack Pilot Award.

Congratulations to Chinyere Kemet!

Congratulations to Chinyere Kemet, a PhD student in the Feng lab, whose abstract “UFD1: A Novel Target Against MYC-driven Cancers” was selected for a cancer talk at the 16th annual Zebrafish Disease Models conference in Durham, North Carolina. Chinyere also won a travel award for this conference.

Congratulations to Emily Lewkowicz!

Congratulations to Emily Lewkowicz, a PhD student in the Gursky lab, whose abstract “In Silico Studies Suggest Structural Basis for Amyloid-Apolipoprotein Co-Deposition” has been selected for a short talk at the FEBS Advanced course on Protein Folding, Aggregation, and Compartmentalization in Greece. ( Emily won a Young Scientist Travel Award to this international symposium.

Congratulations to Dr. Shobini Jayaraman!

Congratulations to Shobini Jayaraman and Gursky lab members and friends for a new paper publication and associated press release: Lipid Clearance and Amyloid Formation by Serum Amyloid A: Exploring the Links Between Beneficial and Pathologic Actions of an Enigmatic Protein. Jayaraman S, Urdaneta A, Bullitt E, Fändrich M, Gursky O.J Lipid Res. 2023 Aug […]