Neurocritical Care

The Division of Neurocritical Care provides care for critically ill patients with a wide variety of neurologic emergencies.  Our research parallels illnesses most frequently affecting our patient population with a focus on brain death, coma post-cardiac arrest, traumatic brain injury, neurologic infections including COVID-19 and infectious endocarditis, and development of tools for early identification of patients with secondary decline.  In addition we participate in acute stroke and epilepsy clinical trials. 

Current Research

Neurologic Infections (PI: Anna Cervantes)

  • COVID 19
    Characterizing acute neurologic complications of hospitalized patients with COVID-19
    Observational study of recovery post-COVID (Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19) as part of a Boston consortium
  • Infectious Endocarditis (collaboration with CT surgery, cardiology, infectious disease, and addiction medicine)
    Characterizing neurologic complications in tricuspid valve disease
    Investigating acute stroke treatment options for IE related stroke
    Seizures during IE and epilepsy in IE survivors
  • Infection in Hospitalized patients with acute severe traumatic brain injury (collaboration with NCC, Neurosurgery, and Trauma Surgery/Surgical Critical Care) (PI: Ali Daneshmand)

Medical Ethics in the ICU (PI: Anna Cervantes)

  • Evaluation of Crisis Standards of Care triage protocols for determining allocation of limited resources

Outcomes following Cardiac Arrest (PI: David Greer)

    • MOCA – advanced MRI and EEG techniques to help determine recovery of arousal post-cardiac arrest
    • MOCHA/SPARE – cooperative study with Brazil looking at the impact of withdrawal of life-sustaining therapy on outcomes and prognostic tool performance

    Brain Death (PI: David Greer)

    • New England Brain Death Database – a national database for collecting brain death cases prospectively and retrospectively to answer the many remaining questions in brain death

      Dynamic Risk Prediction of Life threatening Mass Effect (PI: Charlene Ong)

      • Retrospective dynamic models of life threatening mass effect after ischemic stroke
      • Prospective dynamic models using Quantitative Pupillometry

      LTME Risk Prediction Automated Email (PI: Charlene Ong)

      • Obtain survey feedback on automated emails calculating risk of EDEMA to clinical providers (IRB approved, not started yet)

      Oculography (PI: Charlene Ong)

      • Automated eye movement detection algorithm using sleep study EOG
      • Enrollment of comatose cardiac arrest patients to determine qualitative eye movements and recovery potential

      Pupillometry (PI: Charlene Ong)

      • Midbrain Compression and Pupillometry: Test the association of quantitative pupil markers and quantitative midbrain compression in large stroke and intraparenchymal hemorrhage
      • Examination of associations between analgosedatives and quantitative pupillometry
      • Case series of pre and post quantitative pupil metrics and hemicraniectomy

      Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (PI: David Chung)

      • Reducing complications and optimizing outcomes in hospitalized patients following brain aneurysm rupture
      • The role of cortical spreading depolarizations in injury progression in subarachnoid hemorrhage and trauma
      • Functional connectivity and long term cognitive deficits following subarachnoid hemorrhage and trauma
      • Non-invasive cerebral blood flow determination in acutely brain injured patients

      Perihematomal edema (PHE) in the setting of spontaneous intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) (PI: Courtney Takahashi)

      • Developing and refining a semi-automated computer program to accurately measure PHE volumes 
      • Determining if PHE volumes correlate with outcomes (e.g. mRS) 
      • Determining the natural history of PHE development and abatement over time 
      • Overall goal is to evaluate the utility of PHE as a biomarker and possible intervention point to improve outcomes in ICH 

      Neurocritical Care Nursing education (PI: Courtney Takahashi)

      • Developing modern learning techniques (e.g. small group evaluation) and applying them to see if they can help with improved retention and synthesis. Topics include neuroanatomy, case based scenarios, and imaging. 

      Traumatic Brain Injury (collaboration with NCC, Neurosurgery, and Trauma Surgery/Surgical Critical Care) (PI: Ali Daneshmand)

      • Impact of infections on outcomes in TBI
      • Prognostication models in TBI

      Status Epilepticus

      • RAISE – a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial that will evaluate the efficacy and safety of IV ganaxolone in RSE
      Research Faculty:

      Anna Cervantes-Arslanian, MD
      David Greer, MD, MA
      Courtney Takahashi, MD, MCR
      Charlene Ong, MD, MPHS
      David Chung, MD, PhD
      Ali Daneshmand, MD, MPH
      Kushak Suchdev, MD 


      David Chung (Chung Lab):

      • Non-Invasive Blood Flow to Predict Recovery from Coma in Brain Injured Patients (CTSI Pilot award 2021)

      Charlene Ong:

      • Peter Paul Career Development Award                                                                            
      • Grinspoon Family Junior Faculty Research Award
      • K23NS116033, Dynamic Risk Prediction of Life Threatening Mass Effect after Ischemic Stroke

      David Greer:

      • R01NS102574 – Multimodal network connectivity architecture (MOCA) of the brain and its role in the recovery of consciousness in comatose cardiac arrest patients
      Selected Publications:
      • Takahashi, CE; Brambrink AM, Aziz MF, Macri E, Raines J, Multani-Kohol A, Hinson HE, Lutsep HL, Clark WM, Fields, J. Association of intraprocedural blood pressure and end tidal carbon dioxide with outcome after acute stroke intervention.  Neurocritical Care, 2014: 202-208PMID 24114519
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