Health Equity and Community Organizing

Due to the many ways that political systems impact the health and wellbeing of immigrants and refugees, you will learn strategies to help build systems that promote health equity and justice for these populations. Throughout the two years, you will participate in a combination of lectures, seminars, workshops and interdisciplinary experiential learning experiences focused on organizing and social justice.

    • Foundations of Health Equity Curriculum: You will participate in a series of didactics focused on the core concepts of political economy, and structural racism. The relationship between these and our current health inequities will be discussed to help you solidified the knowledge needed to address SDOH using a health equity lens. Through these didactics, you will join a cohort of fellows from two programs including BMC’s Executive Fellowship in Health Equity and BMC’s Emergency Medicine Global and Local Health Equity Fellowship.
    • Liberation Health in Clinical Practice Curriculum: In your second year, you will learn liberation health methods to address adverse SDOH, low health literacy and health disparities faced by FQHC populations. Liberation health conceptualizes that the problems of individuals and families cannot be understood in isolation from the economic, political, cultural and historical conditions which give rise to them. This method helps clinicians, individuals, families and communities understand cultural (e.g., racism, xenophobia, sexism), institutional (e.g., US health care system, US immigration policy) and personal factors (e.g., living condition, education, health literacy) that determine health and act to change these conditions; to liberate themselves from both internal and external oppressions.
    • Community Organizing and Activism Curriculum: You will participate in a curriculum that aims to increase the impact of clinician led activism & community organizing to advance health equity & justice. This will equip you with skills needed to become an effective community organizer and activist, with a focus on how to develop a health justice campaign.
    • Social Determinants of Health Curriculum