Mindfulness at BMC

Mindfulness Course Facilitators, (L to R; Gabrielle Farquhar, MPH, Robert Saper, MD, MPH, Scarlet Soriano, MD, and Bonita Jones, MS)

The Program for Integrative Medicine is now offering mindfulness courses as part of an institution-wide initiative to reduce stress and enhance joy in our Boston Medical Center community. Since the Mindfulness program’s inception in January 2019, our team has offered four 8-week courses for clinicians and senior leadership, training over 100 BMC employees in this practice. We’re excited to continue this mission by expanding our services to residency programs, administrative personnel, medical students, and patients. Our aim is to embed the practices and principles of mindfulness into our BMC community to readily equip individuals with the power of cultivating their own sense of well-being.

Check out our YouTube Channel for free guided meditations!

For more information, please email mindfulness@bmc.org