Important Websites for Patients

Nutrition and Recipes

Nutrition Resources at Familydoctor.orgInformation about food and nutrition for adults, children, special diets, and weight management

Anti-Inflammatory Food Pyramid – Helpful pictures and information for a balanced diet

BMC demonstration kitchen – the demonstration kitchen is a wonderful resource that demonstrates how to prepare simple, cost effective recipes in a manner that coincides with a healthy lifestyle.

Integrative Therapies

The National center for Complementary and Integrative Health  This site offers a wealth of information on alternative therapies, supplements, recent research, and training opportunities.It has live video talks.

Medline Plus (US National Library of Medicine & NIH) CAM A free resource for information on complementary and alternative medicine which includes links to related sites.

Mind Body Links

Audio Resources This page offers content developed by our team in an effort to help focus mediation and mind body efforts at home.

UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Center – offers free short meditation podcasts

Insight Meditation Society – Offers numerous types of guided mindfulness(or insight) mediation practices