About Us

The Program for Integrative Medicine and Health Care Disparities at Boston Medical Center

The Program for Integrative Medicine and Health Care Disparities is part of the Department of Family Medicine at Boston Medical Center. Created in 2004, the integrative medicine program includes a collaboration of clinical services, research and medical student/resident education. Our core purpose is to pioneer a widely accessible, multicultural, cross-disciplinary, national model of integrative health for all through clinical services, education, research and advocacy.

Through our clinical services, we provide BMC patients and staff safe and effective complementary and alternative medicine, addressing all of their health needs. The Program for Integrative Medicine and Health Care Disparities is funded through a combination of grants and philanthropy. We offer all of our clinical services and classes at little or no cost, operating under the strong conviction that safe and effective integrative therapies should be available to everyone without regard to ability to pay.

Our research focuses on the effectiveness of CAM therapies for low-income minority patients as well as clinician education. We promote safe and evidence-based CAM therapies; as federal, private, and academic stakeholders invest millions of dollars into CAM research, it is imperative that we study the feasibility and effectiveness of CAM and integrative medicine in multicultural communities and vulnerable populations.

We promote medical education through both BMC’s Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine residencies. Our faculty also takes part in medical student education, lecturing and providing opportunities for integrative medicine electives.

Our core values include:

• Social justice
• Evidence-based research
• Optimal health care for self, family, community
• Joy in service
• Sustainability
• Empowerment

To learn more about our faculty and staff, visit our team page.