Endoscopy Training

Throughout the three-year tenure of the fellowship, fellows gain proficiency in a wide array of endoscopic procedures. During the first year, fellows spend much of their time on inpatient consults and are supervised in the performance of basic endoscopic procedures. Some of these procedures include upper and lower endoscopy, polypectomy, endoscopic variceal banding/ligation, tube feeding placement (PEG), and endoscopic management of upper and lower GI bleeding. In the second and third years of training, fellows transition to mostly outpatient procedures working with a wide array of attendings to hone skills and techniques they will take with them into practice (including complex polypectomies, chromoendoscopy, and IBD mucosal staging, to name a few). During their senior year of fellowship, fellows have the opportunity to gain exposure to advanced procedures such as ERCP, endoscopic ultrasound (EUS), and capsule endoscopy.