ESI qQqFTMS development.

The Boston University FTMS group, in collaboration with MDS Sciex in Toronto, has developed an ESI qQqFTMS instrument. This instrument offers the capability of mass filtering in Q1, fragmenting and/or accumulating ions in Q2, and the usual high resolution, high mass accuracy, and MS^n capabilities of the FTMS.

The MDS Sciex instrument parts were delivered ~5 PM on Monday April 14, 2003, the instrument was assembled, the gate valve closed, and the FTMS vacuum system baking by 9 PM that same day. Wiring and adjusting of the front end occupied all of Tuesday, the qQq computer and data system was installed and tested on Wednesday, April 15, and the first spectra were acquired ~4 PM that day. Tuning and adjustment continue, but the first spectra look very promising.

Bruce Thomson (left), Peter O’Connor (center), and Jason Pittman (right) in front of the new ESI-qQqFTMS instrument.