Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry Lab

Modern Instrumental Biochemistry requires high performance instrumentation. In particular, the field of proteomics largely exists because of advances in high performance mass spectrometry instrumentation.

The Fourier transform mass spectrometer is the highest performance instrumentation currently available to those interested in structural characterization of proteins and other biomolecules. The FTMS lab is devoted to developing instrumentation and methods that improve the everyday utility of FTMS instrumentation on samples of biochemical interest.

What’s New?

Current research projects:

Electron Activated Dissociation of Glycans

Glycan ExD Mechanism

Characterization of Protein Palmitoylation

Trapped Ion Mobility Spectrometry

The Isoaspartome

Fundamentals of Electron Capture Dissociation

Past research projects:

High Throughput MALDI-FTMS development

High Pressure MALDI-FTMS development

Cryogenic FTMS development

Improved FTMS electronics

Software for mining FTMS data

QqQFTMS hybrid development