3D Footprints of Active and Latent Tuberculosis: Insights from Bench to Bedside Dr. Adrie Steyn Please note: For those who are interested in arranging a one-on-one meeting with Dr. Steyn on Thursday, please contact Dr. Igor Kramnik directly at ikramnik@bu.edu. Thursday, January 18, 2024 1:00pm-2:00pm EST Crosstown 386 (third floor, need BU ID to enter) Join via […]

MHet (Musculoskeletal Health) ARC Seminar Series: December (virtual)

Friday December 14th, 2023   4:00 PM (ET) “Molecular targeting of quadriceps neuromuscular instability after lower limb injury” Join Zoom Meeting  https://bostonu.zoom.us/j/93445745643?pwd=Sm1oaHhVdk03MXRGeHp6azRGNUJBdz09  Meeting ID: 934 4574 5643   |   Passcode: 989317    Christopher Fry , Ph.DAssociate ProfessorAthletic Training and Clinical Nutrition Center for Muscle BiologyU. of Kentucky   Host:  Dr. LaDora Thompson Dr. Fry Dr. Christopher Fry […]

MHet (Musculoskeletal Health) ARC Seminar Series: November (virtual)

Friday November 17th, 2023   4:00 PM (ET) Join Zoom Meeting https://bostonu.zoom.us/j/93445745643?pwd=Sm1oaHhVdk03MXRGeHp6azRGNUJBdz09  Meeting ID: 934 4574 5643   |    Passcode: 989317  “Bone marrow endosteal stem/stromal cells: An essential regulator of bone health and disease.”  Dr. Noriaki OnoAssociate Professor University of Texas Health Science Canter at Huston School of Dentistry  Noriaki Ono is an Associate Professor with […]

MHet (Musculoskeletal Health) ARC Seminar Series

Friday Oct 27, 2023   4:00 PM (ET) Speaker: Dr. Jason McDougall Professor of Pharmacology and AnaesthesiaDalhousie University “Understanding the Neurobiology of Joint Pain to Inform Future Treatments.”Join Zoom Meeting https://bostonu.zoom.us/j/93445745643?pwd=Sm1oaHhVdk03MXRGeHp6azRGNUJBdz09 Meeting ID: 934 4574 5643  |   Passcode: 989317   Host:  Dr. David Felson dfelson@bu.edu Dr McDougall Short Bio Prof. McDougall was born in South Shields and […]

Biomedical Innovation Technologies ARC (BIT-ARC)

The Evans Center IBR, in collaborative support with the BU Clinical & Translational Science Institute and BU Office of Technology Development, is pleased to announce the inaugural Biomedical Innovation Technologies Affinity Research Collaborative (BIT-ARC). “Developing an artificial intelligence digital pathology diagnostic tool for proteinuric kidney disease” Directors: Drs. Weining Lu* (primary contact), Chao Zhang, Joel […]

Shining Light on the ARCs

DoM Evans Research Days October 19, 2023 1:30-2:30p 75 E Concord St | Keefer Auditorium Hosted by the Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research (ECIBR), BU IBRO and BU CTSI  1:30-1:35   Welcome Notes, by Dr. Katya Ravid, ECIBR/IBRO Founding Director  1:35-2:00   Shining Light on ARCs New ARCs (presentation of  goals; invitation to join […]

Building real-time data driven health interventions

Please check back here as this PreARC continues to develop. To express interest in participating or to request more information, please contact one of the Directors. Belinda Borrelli belindab@bu.edu Lisa Quintiliani Lisa.Quintiliani@bmc.org Vasia Kalavri vkalavri@bu.edu Nicole Spartano spartano@bu.edu There are several groups of investigators across Boston University campuses working with mobile health devices and platforms […]