Researchers Forum

Dear DoM Faculty Researchers:

As follow up to the initial meeting related to developing a DoM Researchers Forum to facilitate collaboration, communication and a sense of community among scientists, we offer our assistance in establishing the leadership and organizing group. We envision a small organizing committee of 4-8 members representative of basic and clinical scientists, including two leaders that could rotate periodically (to be determined) among the members.

The first in-person meeting of the planning committee, held on Tues, October 18 at 1pm, will be followed by a virtual meeting on Thurs, December 8 at 3pm. All are welcome to participate. Please watch for upcoming announcements that will include the Zoom link.

Upcoming Meetings

March 30, 2023:  RSVP here for this in-person meeting, 2-4pm, seminar room X715 (650 Albany St)

Welcome Note and Agenda
Please join us for the DOM Researchers Forum! 

Global Mission Statement Ideas:  Create a dynamic space for research facilitation, knowledge exchange, wall-breaking, and to connect with and build our community.  A forum to create change.
Priorities:  In-person meetings when possible, expand researchers’ voice, build community not complaints.
  • Collaboration, catalyzing new ideas
    • Foster interactions with centers, groups, innovative programs
    • Reorganizing, how link methods orphans across divisions
    • Community engagement for translational research
    • Building community
  • Infrastructure needs (examples)
    • Post award support
    • Legal
    • Library access
    • Technology and biosafety improvements
Questions to consider for discussion:  
  • What’s missing? 
  • How do we make things better?  
  • How do we bring people to the table? 
  • How do we prioritize or champion particular ideas?
  • What is the extent of funding and how is it utilized?
Karen, Allan and George

June 22, 2023:  4-6pm, Zoom

Meeting Minutes

Oct 18, 2022 Meeting Notes

Dec 8, 2022 Meeting Notes