Summer Student Testimonials

The following are some reflections from students who have participated in past summer research programs:

“My summer project allowed me to delve into substance use, HIV, TB, and Hepatitis C research and conduct literature reviews. I learned so much about things that I never would have thought about or probably would have only skimmed through in medical school. It was an incredible learning experience.”

“In medical school I have learned about addiction and the history of it, but not at the same level I learned through the summer didactic sessions and observations with their social, clinical, and public health lens. I think I could actually see myself doing internal medicine in the future.”

“During my daily interaction with study participants, I found out that drug addiction affects all different ages, races, and economic backgrounds. I was talking to people who were younger than me, people who had their PhD, and people who had the same music taste as me. So I really was struck by just how widespread drug addiction can infiltrate society.”

“I was surprised by the amount of support, time, and effort I received from BMC in helping me learn. Attending the clinical observations and didactic sessions were really valuable in gaining exposure to individuals with substance use disorders. Overall, I felt very supported here.”

“Learning about the different treatment options for addiction through the shadowing, didactics, and even through the chart review of my research will make me more confident linking people to care in the future and, ultimately, a stronger physician.”


Pictured (left to right): DJ Smithers (student), Krissy King (former Project Coordinator) and Rich Saitz (mentor)