03/25/2014: ProtXML files for STRAP PTM

Please continue to use TPP (version 4.6.3) for generating protXML files for STRAP PTM. There are currently some issues with the files produced by the new TPP release (version 4.7.0).


01/10/2014: STRAP PTM tutorial is published!

A tutorial for STRAP PTM (version 1.0 beta) has been published at:

  • Spencer, J. L., Bhatia, V. N., Whelan, S. A., Costello, C. E., and McComb, M. E. 2013. STRAP PTM: Software tool for rapid annotation and differential comparison of protein post-translational modifications. Curr. Protoc. Bioinform. 44:13.22.1-13.22.36.

The tutorial is available at STRAP PTM Tutorial.


06/19/2013: STRAP PTM is coming soon!

STRAP PTM (version 1.0 beta) is ready for release.