In Vivo Imaging Core Facility

Welcome to the In Vivo Imaging Core Facility at Boston University Medical Campus. The In Vivo Imaging Core Facility is equipped with the following instruments:

IVIS Spectrum (PerkinElmer)

The primary use of the IVIS Spectrum is to non-invasively and longitudinally monitor bio-luminescence and fluorescence in 2D and perform 3D optical tomography within small animal models (rats and mice); the instrument may also be used to assay optical signals in cells or comparatively sized tissue volumes post animal retrieval of specimens from larger animals. The instrument can monitor up to 5 mice at once, non-invasively and at high sensitivity, as well as multiple fluorescent and bio-luminescent reporters simultaneously.

Quantum GX2 microCT Imaging System (PerkinElmer)

The Quantum GX2 provides low dose gated, high resolution X-ray scans for in vivo anatomical and functional imaging (with or without contrast agents, depending on specific applications). Examples of applications include assessment of lung fibrosis, lung edema, bone mineral density and structure, microvascular density (angiography), adipose tissue analysis and more. The Spectrum can be integrated with Quantum GX2 for exact co-registration of optical signals with anatomical landmarks, within each mouse, for increased quantitation accuracy.

Living Image Acquisition/Analysis Package

The system also includes a Living Image Acquisition/Analysis Software Package, allowing for advanced quantification and analysis of all data acquired in 3 dimensions from each animal.

Internal Rates

Effective Rates: Internal*

External Rates



(Principal Investigators within Boston University) PIs within DOM DOM Subsidy PIs outside of DOM DOM Subsidy
IVIS Spectrum #1 700 Albany St., W913 Unassisted $92 per hour $55 $37 $83 $9 $164 per hour
Assisted $125 per hour $75 $50 $113 $12 $223 per hour
IVIS Spectrum # 2 700 Albany St., W914 Unassisted $92 per hour $55 $37 $83 $9 $164 per hour
Assisted $125 per hour $75 $50 $113 $12 $223 per hour
Quantum GX2 microCT 700 Albany St., W914 Unassisted $92 per hour $55 $37 $83 $9 $164 per hour
Assisted $125 per hour $75 $50 $113 $12 $223 per hour
Living Image Acquisition/Analysis Package 700 Albany St., W914 $5 per 30 minutes unassisted $5 $2 $4.50 $0.50 $12.50 per 30 minutes unassisted

*Department of Medicine (DOM) will subsidize 40% of internal rates for Principal Investigators with a primary appointment within the Department of Medicine, and 10% of internal rates for Principal investigators with a primary appointment at BU but outside the Department of Medicine.

How to Schedule

Please login to iLab system to schedule equipment time or services. For new users please follow the steps outlined in Information for New Users.

Hours of Operation: 24/7
Technician Availability: By appointment only.

Important information for External Investigators

We strongly recommend external users to plan their studies at least 1-2 months in advance. Prior to using the In Vivo Imaging Core Facility, external investigators must:

  • Set up inter-institutional assurances and a BU account;
  • Test your animals for pathogens (list of required tests will be provided); if approved by BU Veterinarians, animals can be transferred to BU; however, if animals do not meet BU standards, they will have to be quarantined (not required if purchased from approved commercial vendors rather than transferred from your institution);
  • In case of special procedures or substance administration, establish a BU IACUC protocol describing animal strains, procedures and study design (independently of whether you already have an approved IACUC protocol at your institution).

Please reach out to the Core Director for assistance and inquires on these processes.

Additional Information


Francesca Seta, PhD
Core Director
Evans Biomedical Research Center, X-Building
650 Albany St. 7th Floor, Room X-720
Boston, MA 02118
(617) 358-7814|


In Vivo Imaging Core Facility
Boston University Chobanian & Avedisian School of Medicine
Center for Advanced Biomedical Research, W-Building
700 Albany St., 9th Floor
Boston, MA 02118



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