Maxine H. Krengel, PhD

Associate Professor, Neurology

Maxine Krengel
150 S Huntington Avenue


Maxine H. Krengel, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Neurology at Chobanian and Avedisian School of Medicine. Dr. Krengel received a Ph.D. in Psychology from the State University of New York at Albany.


  • State University of New York at Albany, PhD
  • University of Rhode Island, BA

Classes Taught

  • GMSBN780
  • GMSBN796


  • Published on 5/1/2024

    Krengel M, Keating D, Chao L, Dugas J, Koo B, Heeren T, Quinn E, Toomey R, Steele L, Klimas N, Samonte F, Abdullah L, Sullivan K. Characterizing 1991 Gulf War women veterans from the Boston Biorepository and Integrative Network for Gulf War Illness: demographics, exposures, neuroimaging and cognitive outcomes. Clin Neuropsychol. 2024 May 01; 1-14. PMID: 38692856.

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  • Published on 1/22/2024

    Chao LL, Sullivan K, Krengel MH, Killiany RJ, Steele L, Klimas NG, Koo BB. The prevalence of mild cognitive impairment in Gulf War veterans: a follow-up study. Front Neurosci. 2023; 17:1301066. PMID: 38318196.

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  • Published on 10/11/2023

    Friedman A, Schildroth S, Bauer JA, Coull BA, Smith DR, Placidi D, Cagna G, Krengel MH, Tripodis Y, White RF, Lucchini RG, Wright RO, Horton M, Austin C, Arora M, Claus Henn B. Early-life manganese exposure during multiple developmental periods and adolescent verbal learning and memory. Neurotoxicol Teratol. 2023; 100:107307. PMID: 37832858.

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  • Published on 10/4/2023

    Keating D, Krengel M, Dugas J, Toomey R, Chao L, Steele L, Janulewicz LP, Heeren T, Quinn E, Klimas N, Sullivan K. Cognitive decrements in 1991 Gulf War veterans: associations with Gulf War illness and neurotoxicant exposures in the Boston Biorepository, Recruitment, and Integrative Network (BBRAIN) cohorts. Environ Health. 2023 Oct 04; 22(1):68. PMID: 37794452.

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  • Published on 7/6/2023

    Abdullah L, Nkiliza A, Niedospial D, Aldrich G, Bartenfelder G, Keegan A, Hoffmann M, Mullan M, Klimas N, Baraniuk J, Crawford F, Krengel M, Chao L, Sullivan K. Genetic association between the APOE e4 allele, toxicant exposures and Gulf war illness diagnosis. Environ Health. 2023 Jul 06; 22(1):51. PMID: 37415220.

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  • Published on 1/31/2023

    Naeser MA, Martin PI, Ho MD, Krengel MH, Bogdanova Y, Knight JA, Hamblin MR, Fedoruk AE, Poole LG, Cheng C, Koo B. Transcranial Photobiomodulation Treatment: Significant Improvements in Four Ex-Football Players with Possible Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. J Alzheimers Dis Rep. 2023; 7(1):77-105. PMID: 36777329.

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  • Published on 7/11/2022

    Friedman A, Janulewicz Lloyd PA, Carlson J, Quinn E, Keating D, Toomey R, Heeren T, Coughlin SS, Markenson G, Krengel M, Sullivan K. Preliminary Findings from the Gulf War Women's Cohort: Reproductive and Children's Health Outcomes among Women Veterans. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2022 Jul 11; 19(14). PMID: 35886335.

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  • Published on 2/12/2022

    Zundel CG, Price K, Grasso CM, Spiro A, Heeren T, Sullivan K, Krengel MH. The impact of neurotoxicant exposures on posttraumatic stress disorder trajectories: The Ft. Devens Gulf War Veterans Cohort. J Trauma Stress. 2022 Jun; 35(3):955-966. PMID: 35150175.

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  • Published on 2/5/2022

    Oberlin S, Nkiliza A, Parks M, Evans JE, Klimas N, Keegan AP, Sullivan K, Krengel MH, Mullan M, Crawford F, Abdullah L. Sex-specific differences in plasma lipid profiles are associated with Gulf War Illness. J Transl Med. 2022 02 05; 20(1):73. PMID: 35123492.

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  • Published on 1/8/2022

    Krengel MH, Zundel CG, Heeren T, Yee M, Spiro A, Proctor SP, Grasso CM, Sullivan K. Health symptom trajectories and neurotoxicant exposures in Gulf War veterans: the Ft. Devens cohort. Environ Health. 2022 01 08; 21(1):7. PMID: 34998396.

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