Procedure for Surveys Targeting Students

Procedure for Surveys Targeting BUSM Students 

To protect our  students while at the same time allowing for participation in research and other valuable initiatives, the following procedure was developed.

All surveys targeting students must be approved by the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. The Associate Dean for Student Affairs will review requests with the Dean and Provost of the Medical School. Priority will be given to surveys generated by school faculty and students.

All surveys must have:

  1. a clearly identified faculty advisor/Principal Investigator
  2. a clear goal of the survey
  3. IRB approval or IRB exemption, if part of a study
  4. Statement of the survey’s Scientific/Medical significance

All surveys to students must be submitted to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs for review and recommendations.

The timing of the request will be considered, as surveys cannot interfere with official school questionnaires, surveys or evaluations. ONLY 2 REMINDERS may be sent out on student listserve per survey.

Most requests for student participation in surveys by outside institutions will be declined, given the large number of these requests and the burden placed on our students.

[Approved by the BUSM Executive Committee on March 8, 2017]