Benjamin Graeme Fincke, MD

Associate Professor, Health Law, Policy & Management

Benjamin Fincke


Dr. Fincke is an associate professor of health services at Boston University School of Public Health. His main research interests are related to the care of patients with diabetes, organization of medical care and health outcomes–including risk-adjusted mortality as an indicator of quality of care, pharmaco-epidemiology, medication adherence, adverse drug reactions, and inappropriate medication use. In the past, he has conducted studies on the effect of race on medical care, the use of patient self-reporting instruments to measure functional status and disease severity, and prescribing patterns as an indicator of prescription drug abuse. He is the founder and past chief of the General Internal Medicine Section of the Boston VA Health Care System. He attended Harvard College and received an MD from Yale Medical School, followed by a residency in internal medicine and a fellowship in infectious diseases at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston.

Other Positions

  • Associate Professor, General Internal Medicine, Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine
  • Bedford VA - Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial VA Hosp



    • Yale University School of Medicine, MD
    • Harvard College, BA


    • Published on 1/1/2018

      Vimalananda VG, Dvorin K, Fincke BG, Tardiff N, Bokhour BG. Patient, Primary Care Provider, and Specialist Perspectives on Specialty Care Coordination in an Integrated Health Care System. J Ambul Care Manage. 2018 Jan/Mar; 41(1):15-24. PMID: 29176459.

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    • Published on 9/12/2017

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      Read at: PubMed
    • Published on 5/20/2015

      Vimalananda VG, Gupte G, Seraj SM, Orlander J, Berlowitz D, Fincke BG, Simon SR. Electronic consultations (e-consults) to improve access to specialty care: a systematic review and narrative synthesis. J Telemed Telecare. 2015 Sep; 21(6):323-30. PMID: 25995331.

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    • Published on 6/1/2014

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    • Published on 7/1/2013

      Vimalananda VG, Miller DR, Christiansen CL, Wang W, Tremblay P, Fincke BG. Cardiovascular disease risk factors among women veterans at VA medical facilities. J Gen Intern Med. 2013 Jul; 28 Suppl 2:S517-23. PMID: 23807059.

      Read at: PubMed
    • Published on 3/1/2013

      Selim AJ, Fincke BG, Rogers WH, Qian S, Selim BJ, Kazis LE. Guideline-recommended medications: variation across Medicare Advantage plans and associated mortality. J Manag Care Pharm. 2013 Mar; 19(2):132-8. PMID: 23461429.

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    • Published on 3/19/2012

      Pentakota SR, Rajan M, Fincke BG, Tseng CL, Miller DR, Christiansen CL, Kerr EA, Pogach LM. Does diabetes care differ by type of chronic comorbidity?: An evaluation of the Piette and Kerr framework. Diabetes Care. 2012 Jun; 35(6):1285-92. PMID: 22432109.

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    • Published on 10/1/2011

      Fasoli DR, Fincke BG, Haddock KS. Going beyond patient classification systems to create an evidence-based staffing methodology. J Nurs Adm. 2011 Oct; 41(10):434-9. PMID: 21934431.

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    • Published on 8/22/2011

      Prentice JC, Graeme Fincke B, Miller DR, Pizer SD. Primary care and health outcomes among older patients with diabetes. Health Serv Res. 2012 Feb; 47(1 Pt 1):46-67. PMID: 22092392.

      Read at: PubMed
    • Published on 7/1/2011

      Vimalananda VG, Miller DR, Palnati M, Christiansen CL, Fincke BG. Gender disparities in lipid-lowering therapy among veterans with diabetes. Womens Health Issues. 2011 Jul-Aug; 21(4 Suppl):S176-81. PMID: 21724138.

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