Boston University Medical Group

The Faculty Practice Foundation (FPF) has adopted Boston University Medical Group as its new operating name. This was formally approved by the Board of Trustees in September.

Boston University Medical Group is an integrated multi-specialty academic group practice with 18 clinical departments that collectively employ over 910 physicians, non-physician clinicians, educators, and researchers. Members have faculty appointments at Boston University School of Medicine and focus on clinical care, research, and teaching at Boston Medical Center and Boston University School of Medicine.

The impetus for this change came from a strategic planning process that started three years ago. The Governance Task Force, led by David Coleman, MD, was charged to review various options for the new name. After receiving input from practice plan members and various other FPF committees, Boston University Medical Group was selected to further amplify relationships with parent organizations, Boston University and Boston Medical Center.

Boston University Medical Group will be used for most internal and external communications; legal documents will maintain the legacy FPF name to avoid the complexities of changing these official papers.

The Mission Statement has been updated to reflect the new name and is available here.


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