Archive: 2009

Assistant Professor Matthew Jones and colleagues publish in Nature Cell Biology a novel method cells use to regulate cytokine expression, based on uridylation of microRNAs by the enzyme Zcchc11.

Associate Professor Darrell Kotton receives an NIH Recovery Act GO grant to study the genetic diseases cystic fibrosis or alpha1 anti-proteinase deficiency by generating inducible pluripotent stem cells from patients.

Associate Professor Avrum Spira becomes the first Chief of a new section within the BUSM Department of Medicine, Computational Biomedicine.

Dr. Gordon Snider, who originally founded the Pulmonary Center and was its Director from 1982-1986, received a lifetime achievement award from the Alpha-1 Foundation, which is dedicated to patients with the genetic deficiency of alpha-1 antitrypsin.

Professor Wellington Cardoso and colleagues publish in Development that the Notch signaling pathway shifts airway epithelial cells away from being ciliated and towards the secretory phenotype.