Pediatric Pain Clinic Profiled by APA


Laura Goldstein, PsyD,along with pediatrician Caitlin Neri, MD, was profiled in the APA Monitor for her pioneering work in BMC’s Pediatric Pain Clinic.  The article highlights the success of the clinic and its empowering and integrated approach to care.

Dr Goldstein and Dr Neri founded the clinic in 2015, and have since built an integrated care team that includes not only a social worker and a psychiatrist, but also a physical therapist, a nurse educator, a massage therapist, an acupuncturist, an aromatherapist, a karate instructor, and a nutritionist. This team is able to provide a comprehensive set of groundbreaking evidence-based treatments.  Dr Goldstein’s approach focuses on helping children gain the skills to manage their own pain symptoms, including stress management, meditation, deep breathing and yoga.  She also utilizes biofeedback to help children develop mind-body awareness.  This empowers children to manage their own symptoms and focus on functioning normally.  The clinic works closely with parents and school nurses to help them reinforce the children’s ability to manage their own symptoms.  And it’s working!  Data shows that within the first three months of their first visit, patients not only experience a significant reduction in their pain, but also a significant reduction in their sense of helplessness triggered by their pain.  Read the article here.