Links to BU facilities and services:

Animal Research Resource Center

Cellular Imaging Core

Confocal Facility

Experimental Pathology Laboratory Service Core

Flow Cytometry

General Clinical Research Center

Illumina Sequencing Core

Immunohistochemistry Core


Microarray Core

Molecular Genetics Core Facility

Proteomics Core Facility

Pulmonary Center


Shuttle Bus between Medical and Charles River Campuses

Statistics consultation

Transgenic/Knockout Mouse Core Facility


Links to outside of BU:

MMRRC provides access to Zcchc11-deficient mice (as well as other strains).

NCBI provides multiple interactive databases, particularly useful for sequence analyses.

DAVID Bioinformatics provides useful resources for analyzing microarray data.

Jackson Labs makes many genetically engineered strains of mice available.

The Trans-NIH Mouse Initiatives site provides useful information about knockout mice.

The International Gene Trap Consortium site provides a searchable database of ES cell lines with genes trapped by insertional mutagenesis.

ATCC makes many cell lines and microbes available.

Protocol Online has a variety of protocols available for free.

ExPASy Life Sciences Directory lists many useful links to databases, software, and web sites.

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