Support research to fight pneumonia!

The Pneumonia Biology group welcomes all donations, big and small.  Funds will be used for pilot studies to test new hypotheses and to pioneer new approaches. Funds will be used to support the training of students and fellows who are embarking on careers to illuminate pulmonary immunology and combat lung infection. Funds will be used to establish collaborative relationships with other researchers, for building and growing Pneumonia Biology research in new directions. Funds will be used for equipment and services that directly support Pneumonia Biology advances. Your investments will lead to better ways for identifying people especially susceptible to lung infection, and new ways to prevent or treat pneumonia.

To donate to this important cause, please go to the BUSM Development page and select “Pulmonary Research Fund” from the drop-down menu, which will direct your contribution to the Pulmonary Center. To support Pneumonia Biology research specifically, or the individual research efforts of Drs. Mizgerd, Jones, Traber, or Maglione, please specify those intentions when making the donation. Your wishes will be respected and so allocated by the Pulmonary Center. Lastly, any of these faculty members will be happy to be contacted directly for discussions of large or complex donations.

New biological insights are needed to drive down the dreadful impact of lung infection.  Your investments make a difference. Thank you for supporting our research and helping make progress against pneumonia.