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Neurology Clerkship

The Neurology Clerkship is a 4-week rotation at one of the following locations: Boston Medical Center, VA Boston Health Care Center, Braintree Rehabilitation Hospital, Saint Elizabeth’s Hospital, Manchester VA Hospital and Mt. Auburn Hospital. The goal of the clerkship is to teach the students how a Neurologist thinks about disease, as well as being competent in Neurology for the General Practitioner. Patients with neurological disease are seen in all primary care and specialty offices. All physicians should know the basics of taking a neurological history and performing an examination with the goal of localizing the lesion in the nervous system.

Students will be able to demonstrate competency in performing and interpreting the neurological history and examination, be able to assess and formulate a differential diagnosis and propose initial evaluation and management for patients with common neurological disorders. They will learn to localize a lesion in the nervous system based on history and examination and will be able to describe routine treatments for neurological diseases and the risks of these treatments as well as understanding how end of life, cultural competency, and domestic violence issues are addresses in neurologic patients as well as looking at how health care disparities can affect underserved populations and impact medical care.  Students will work closely with their attendings and residents to become competent and confident in their neurology skills.



Okeanis Vaou, MD
Clerkship Director

Primary teaching affiliate
of BU School of Medicine