Formative Assessments

BU Med Students

The purpose of formative assessment is to improve student learning by providing feedback on how well they are learning skills and content during the clerkship.  Formative assessments are not included in the calculations of students’ final grades.  Each clerkship has required FOCuS (Feedback based on Observation of Clinical Student) forms which must be completed by the mid/end of the clerkship.  These forms will provide formative assessment through direct observation of CSEF behaviors.

On the Neurology clerkship, students are required to complete the following FOCUS forms by the end of the clerkship:

  • Interviewing and Data Collection
  • Physical Exam
  • Patient Education
  • Documentation
  • Two of the four FOCUS forms should be completed before the mid-clerkship meeting

Formative Assessment and Feedback Policy

Boston University School of Medicine (BUSM) ensures that each medical student is provided with formative assessment early enough during each required course or clerkship to allow sufficient time for remediation. Formative assessment occurs at least at the midpoint of each required course or clerkship four or more weeks in length.

Full Policy:

Mid-Clerkship Review

You and your clerkship director, site director or primary preceptor will complete the BUSM Mid-clerkship Evaluation form at the mid clerkship point.

The purpose of this evaluation is to give the student a chance to understand both their strengths as well as opportunities to improve. The feedback received at the mid-clerkship review is intended to allow the student to improve their clinical skills in real time.

You should print out a copy of your patient log summary to bring to this meeting and you should work with your preceptor to make a plan for remediating any missing patient encounter or procedures. Your preceptor will provide you with formative feedback regarding your performance, and together you will make a learning plan for the second half of the rotation. You should BOTH sign the form, and you should bring the Mid-Clerkship Review form and completed Mid-Clerkship CSEF to your meeting with the clerkship director on the Friday of week #2. You will review it with the clerkship director and it will be handed in at that time.

Each student will meet with the clerkship director during Friday on week #2. In addition to other topics, the mid- clerkship review meeting, forms, and plan will be reviewed and discussed at that time.

Final Summative Assessments

The final summative assessment will be based on the clerkship grading policy and include a clinical performance grade with the CSEF (Clinical Student Evaluation Form), a NBME performance grade, and other assessments depending on the clerkship.

NBME Subject Examination

Students will take the Neurology NBME Subject Examination on the last Friday of the clerkship(unless otherwise communicated by the Office of Academic Affairs). Students are given a reading day the day before the exam. Students do not report to their clerkship site on the reading day or the day of the exam. Students will be given 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete this exam.

Appropriate Treatment in Medicine Policy:

BU’s Code of Ethical Conduct:

BUSM’s Medical Student Disciplinary Code of Academic and Professional Conduct (Student Code of Conduct is section 1.2 of document):