Hippocrates 05-2005--24

Addiction Medicine

Women’s Health


Medical Education

Medical Informatics

Integrative Medicine

Developmental Disabilities

Preventive Medicine/Public Health

Special concentrations in Medical Education, Women’s Health, Substance Abuse, Integrative Medicine, Developmental Disabilities, and Medical Informatics are available for fellows who wish to focus on one of these areas. There is also the option of completing a Residency in Preventive Medicine. These concentrations are an optional part of the Family Medicine/General Internal Medicine Fellowship program and are fully integrated within the Fellowship. Often, fellows do not decide to pursue one of the special concentrations until after beginning their fellowship (typically during the first few months). However, some fellows apply specifically for a particular concentration and should mention this in their application and interview. Note that it is possible to pursue a concentration in more than one area during the fellowship or in no areas at all. Below is a one-sentence statement about each concentration.

  • The Substance Abuse concentration trains fellows to conduct advanced research in alcohol, and drug abuse, and offers the option of clinical specialty addictions experience and special teaching opportunities in national forums
  • The Women’s Health concentration includes research experience in Women’s Health under the mentorship of faculty who have made this the focus of their careers, and clinical experience in two interdisciplinary Women’s Health Centers.
  • The Disparities concentration trains fellows to conduct research in health disparities by working with experienced faculty in this field.
  • The Medical Education concentration provides a framework for fellows interested in a career with a focus on medical education.
  • The Medical Informatics concentration trains fellows to assume roles in computer-based delivery of health services.
  • The Integrative Medicine concentration includes both research and clinical experience in the field of complementary and alternative medicine.
  • The Developmental Disabilities concentration includes both research and clinical experience in the field of developmental disabilities.
  • The Preventive Medicine Residency option fully prepares the fellow to become board certified in General Preventive Medicine.