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Senior Director of Health and Research, The Greater Boston Food Bank

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Position Overview: Lead the department responsible for planning strategies, actions and research aimed at 1) defining the relationship between healthy food and health outcomes among food insecure individuals in Eastern Massachusetts and 2) studying how GBFB’s activities can be optimized to maximize our positive impact on health outcomes. This includes but is not limited to: monitoring and communicating changes in the health care system that impact GBFB’s target population; identifying and overseeing research opportunities based on healthy food interventions (either conducted by GBFB or through partnerships with other experts in the identified field); collaboration with GBFB’s Distribution Services to develop programs specific to health improvement opportunities; identifying key partners and creating opportunities for collaboration; promoting food insecurity screening and tools, information or policy to address the need and provide ultimate resolution. The Senior Director will also oversee GBFB’s Nutrition team and work to support internal GBFB nutrition policy as well as member agency capacity in terms of nutrition education, public health resources, and vehicles to connect food pantries with the health sector.  Additionally, this role will be responsible for identifying key relationships, research and initiatives occurring in Eastern Massachusetts, Massachusetts and the nation around health and hunger initiatives and participating, as practical, in those that will advance the GBFB mission of “Ending Hunger Here.” As a department leader, this role is intended to influence the direction, culture and actions of the organization both internally and externally.


  • Medical degree required. In addition, a graduate degree in public health is preferable.
  • Experience in establishing and executing sound business practices including planning, research and analysis.
  • Prior experience in leadership roles
  • Well versed in epidemiology and statistics. Firm knowledge base of social determinants of health, especially food insecurity.
  • Nutrition and food safety knowledge desirable.
  • Experience with managing a department budget and reforecasting spending.
  • Prior experience in educating medical students and residents preferable.
  • Prior experience working with and addressing the needs of low income populations preferable.
  • Maintain all appropriate licenses (ex. medical license in state of Massachusetts)
  • Ability and willingness to travel. Must have a valid driver’s license.
  • A commitment to ending domestic hunger.

August 7, 2018