About Us

General Description and History

In 1980, Boston University’s Division of General Internal Medicine (GIM) began offering a high-quality program for training primary care internist academicians, and in 1998, the program was extended to include the training of future family physician academicians, following the establishment of a new Department of Family Medicine (FM) at Boston University that year. Beginning in 1989, the program was expanded to include the participation of the Boston and Bedford Veterans Affairs Hospitals. From the outset, the GIM Fellowship Program has emphasized training in research and educational techniques with trainees devoting 80% time to these activities. All fellows enroll in a master’s degree program at the Boston University School of Public Health to provide the tools and perspective necessary for a successful academic career.

Since the start of the program, nearly 90% of graduates have entered careers as GIM or FM faculty and over 80% are faculty in the nation’s medical schools with the remaining holding high level research or administrative positions in health care, public health or government. The program owes much of its success to the mentoring relationships of each fellow and a senior faculty mentor who have strong professional track records of success as academicians and as fellow mentors.