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Congratulations to Dr. Paula Gardiner and her team for being awarded a Blue Ribbon by the Academy of Integrative Pain Management for Best Poster of Original Research!


Dr. Paula Gardiner has led several studies investigating the effects of Integrative Medical Group Visits. Integrative Medical Group Visits are a patient centered approach to reducing chronic pain and depression in a primarily under served urban population

Paula Gardiner, MD, MPH’s PCORI contract enables the inclusion of Codman Square and Dorchester House Health Centers on important research on the impact of Integrative Medical Group Visits.

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Paula and the teams in the health centers are doing breakthrough work on telehealth for the underserved. They have developed and piloted Our Whole Lives (OWL), an interactive web-based resource. OWL provides all integrative medical group visit materials online including videos of clinician-led talks (stress reactivity, understanding pain, insomnia, obesity, depression, nutrition, and goal setting). Patients are also introduced to self-massage techniques, acupressure, and healthy cooking. They are also empowered to track their vitals, health goals, and participate in a monitored discussion group with peers. Patients can access OWL using a computer, tablet, or smartphone (click on the image below to see our site). websitePreliminary data indicate that this mHealth tool offers a feasible means of increasing access to non-pharmacologic options for treating chronic pain  among low-income, medically underserved populations.  A new award to Paula from the Aetna Foundation will build on her growing expertise in web-based delivery of self-care tools for meditation, yoga, and nutrition.

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Harvard Grand Rounds Case presented by the Integrative Medicine Team concerning patient involvement in Integrative Medline Group Visits 

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Engaging Clinicians in Patient Centered Research 

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