Confidentiality and Participant Rights

  • All participant information from this study will remain confidential. Participants will be given a study identification (ID) number; only the study ID number, and not the participant’s name, will be recorded on all data forms. Paper data forms will be kept in a locked file cabinet. Access to this locked file cabinet will be limited to Dr. Robert Saper (Principal Investigator) and research staff only.

  • Rooms used for the physical therapy, yoga classes, and data collection will be chosen to ensure the greatest amount of privacy possible.

  • Any articles or lectures about this study will not use any names or pictures of the people in the study without the participant’s clear written permission to do so.

  • Participation in the study is completely voluntary. Participants can choose to stop and withdraw from the study at any point and their decision will not affect their right to healthcare or payment for their care.

Confidential Folder
November 14, 2014
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