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GPGG Summer 2013 Scavenger Hunt

August 27th, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Graduate Students in Genetics and Genomics participated in a photo scavenger hunt where they were asked to perform a series of tasks from twenty clues, taking them all over Boston’s South End neighborhood.


Boston Ballet School, Boston Studio

Boston Ballet School, Boston Studio

Clue: At this school you can arabesque, brise and cabriole, down Boylston and right on to Clarendon stroll. (right)








Clue: Dean Antman is our fearless leader, and maybe one day, she’ll be your thesis reader. (below)

In Dean Antman's Office

In Dean Antman's Office














Clue: Embrace your inner child, and pose with your team on a slide. (right)





Clue: In this intellectual town, advice and pearls of wisdom abound. What is today’s Flour’s quote of the day? (below)

Flour Bakery

Flour Bakery

Wired Puppy

Wired Puppy












Clue: On to Mass Avenue and right on to Newbury, past hipster and yuppie, here is a cafe called the Wired Puppy. (right)






Clue: You may be liberal or you may be conservative, but we all need breakfast, even President Bill Clinton! (below)

Mike's Diner

Mike's Diner

Russek Day 2013

May 10th, 2013 in Uncategorized

The Graduate Program in Genetics and Genomics would like to recognize our students who participated in the 19th Annual Henry I Russek Student Achievement Day on May 10, 2013.

Russek Student Achievement Day, First Prize, Sarah Kleinsorge (Navarro Lab)
The mitochondrial protein cytochrome c heme lyase is necessary for cell polarity

Sarah Kleinsorge

Sarah Kleinsorge


Poster Presentations:

Carly Garrison (Spira Lab)
MIR-4423 promotes ciliated cell fate during airway epithelium differentiation

Rebecca Kusko (Spira Lab)
Comprehensive genomic profiling of the lung transcriptome in emphysema and IPF using RNA-seq

Elyse Kozlowski presents platform talk at Keystone Conference

February 5th, 2013 in Uncategorized

GPGG graduate student Elyse Kozlowski (third year, Jones Lab) recently attended the Noncoding RNAs in Cancer and Development (Keystone Conference) in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Pictured below is Elyse being introduced by Nobel Laureate Phil Sharp prior to presenting presenting a talk titled “Widespread uridylation of mature microRNAs by Zcchc11 governs murine growth and survival.” Picture taken from her Major Professor’s iPad.


Rebecca Kusko featured in BU Today story

January 30th, 2013 in Uncategorized

GPGG graduate student, Rebecca Kusko’s (fourth year) research focuses on lung cancer in a nonsmoker population.  She and her advisor, Dr. Avrum Spira were recently featured in a story in Health and Wellness in BU Today.

2012 GSI Research Symposium

November 16th, 2012 in Uncategorized

Students in the Graduate Program for Genetics and Genomics attended the 2012 Genome Science Research Symposium held on the Boston Medical School Campus in October.

Two students won awards for Oral Presentations:

Hila Milo Rasouly (W. Lu Lab) – Loss of Robo2 improves survival of ILK mutant mice

Kristen Ott (Navarro Lab) – Characterizing spindle-E, a protein involved in guarding the genome

Two students won awards for Poster Presentations:

Carly Garrison ( Spira Lab) – Mir-4423 promoted ciliated cell fate during airway epithelium differentiation

Rebecca Kusko (Spira Lab) – Comprehensive genomic profiling of the lung transcriptome in emphysema and IPF using RNA-Seq

October 17th, 2010 in Uncategorized

The 2nd Annual GSI Research Symposium has come and gone this October.  Hundreds of faculty, staff, and students stopped by the Heibert Lounge to support genetic and genomic research at Boston University.

The GPGG would like to congratulate our students who received awards:

Poster Award:  Kristen Ott

Oral Presentations: Constantina Christodoulou, Rebecca Kusko, and Catalina Perdomo


The GSI Symposium Award Recipients: (top row) Elizabeth Tanner, Badri Vardarajan, Stephanie Correa, Rebecca Kusko, Constantina Christodoulou, Kristen Ott, Stephanie Schneider, Daniel Dworkis; (front row) Catalina Perdomo, Irene Degano, Stephanie van Veen, Cody MacDonald.