GPGG Students At Russek Day

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May 7th, 2015

Our very own Dana Lau Corona was presented with the First Place Award at the 2015 Annual Russek Day Ceremony. She presented her talk, “Epigenetic Analysis Of Temporal Changes In Continuous Growth Hormone Responsive Sex Biased Genes In Male Mouse Liver” on May 1st, 2015.

Other winners from the Graduate Program in Genetics and Genomics include Akshaya Ramesh, who was awarded Second Prize for her research “Macaque Immunogenetics Through De Novo Genome Assemblies” as well as Keri Dame, who received an Honorable Mention for research in “Lung/Thyroid Conversion Of Mouse ESC-Derived Anterior Foregut Through Transient Over Expression of NKX2-1”.

Congratulations to these students on their success!