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Inflammation Research Forum


Faculty interested in various aspects of Inflammation, acute or chronic, at cellular, physiological, immunological, biochemical etc. levels are affiliated with this research forum.

Ongoing Topics of Discussion

List of faculty

Caroline Apovian
James Becker
Richard Cohen
Charles Delisi
Barbara Corkey
William Cruikshank
Frank Farraye
Jane Freedman
Lisa Ganley-Leal
Caroline Genco
Louis Gerstenfeld
Frank Gibson
Jim Hamilton
Hatice Hasturk
Andrew Henderson
Stanley Heydrick
Robin Ingalls
Matt Jones
I. Alpdogan Kantarci
Simon Kasif
Robert Lafyatis
Matthew Layne
Susan Leeman
Paola Massari
Marie McDonnell
Joseph Mizgerd
Monty Montano
Barbara Nikolajczyk
Karen Reed
Daniel Remick
Ian Rifkin
Ann Rothstein
David Salant
Jacqueline Sharon
Michael Sherman
Paul Skolnik
Arthur Stucchi
Thomas VanDyke
Ellen Weinberg
Lee Wetzler
Xuemei Zhong

November 18, 2015
Primary teaching affiliate
of BU School of Medicine