Clinical Epidemiology Research & Training Unit

The Sections of Rheumatology and The Clinical Epidemiology Research and Training Unit (hereafter referred to as the Clinical Epidemiology Unit), both sections within the Department of Medicine, have been merged, combining the faculty and resources of both sections. Dr. Tuhina Neogi, Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology, is the Chief of the Section of Rheumatology.

Under the direction of Dr. David T. Felson, MD, MPH, the Clinical Epidemiology Research and Training Unit began operations on October 1, 2001. Our mission is to perform and promote high-quality research using clinical epidemiologic methods to answer questions about the causes of and therapy for disease and disability. While there is an emphasis on musculoskeletal diseases, the focus also extends to other diseases. Our goals are to train students at various levels and in various disciplines who wish to enter academically-based careers in clinical epidemiology, as well as advance the statistical, epidemiological, and clinical epidemiological methods used to address clinical research questions. In addition, faculty members strive to develop the internet as a tool to perform clinical research and foster scientific collaborations both within and outside Boston University.

Our primary objectives are in research and training, with clinical activity constituting a secondary activity; however Drs. Felson, Neogi, and Dubreuil remain actively involved in clinical medicine.

Our faculty have also undertaken direct, on-site training of fellows whose research interests parallel those of our investigators. This has included fellows in geriatrics and rheumatology, as well as doctoral epidemiology students and physical therapists.

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