Eligibility and Application Requirements

Thank you for your interest in the Research in Addiction Medicine Scholars (RAMS) Program!

Applications are accepted until September 4, 2018.

Scholars Apply Here

Mentors Apply Here

Scholar Candidates Must:

Anahita Bassir Nia (2016-18 Cohort)

  • Be an addiction medicine or addiction psychiatry fellow in a 1- or 2-year program (or equivalent) with a research component
  • Expect to spend a significant amount of time pursuing clinical research during the course of the RAMS program
  • Be able to participate in the entire two year program
  • Attend with a faculty mentor, who completes a Faculty Mentor application
  • Complete a RAM Scholar application, including a personal statement of motivation and goals, brief description of a possible research project, curriculum vitae (CV), and a letter of nomination from your Fellowship director. *Note: If your Fellowship director is also your mentor, only one letter is needed.*

Mentor Candidates Must:

Alex Walley (Mentor) and Nadia Fairbairn (2015-17 Cohort)

  • Be a Program Director or core fellowship program faculty
  • Have a fellow who has applied to the RAMS program
  • Be able to assist with the advisement, development, and implementation of the research project
  • Be able to participate in the entire two year program
  • Complete a RAMS Mentor application, including a CV/biosketch, and personal statement which describes how your current faculty position will enable you to add addiction medicine content into the residency program curriculum; 2) How attending the RAMS program with your scholar will enhance his/her ability to implement addiction medicine research, including completion of a research project developed through their RAMS participation; and 3) Outlining how you, as mentor, will assist your scholar in incorporating addiction issues into clinical research.

For further information, please contact:

Jules Canfield, MPH | Program Manager | 801 Massachusetts Ave, 2nd floor

Boston, MA 02118 | 617.414.6905 (P) | 617.414.4676 (F)