Program Curriculum

The addiction medicine summer program includes a research, clinical, and education component:


The student will be the Research Associate for a research project. During the first week of the internship, an orientation to research methods will be conducted by your mentor or study supervisor and will include the NIH Certification on Human Subjects Protection.


The student will have weekly opportunities to shadow physicians and other expert care providers in various addiction treatment/services settings including:

  • Methadone maintenance clinic
  • Primary care-based opioid treatment program with buprenorphine
  • HIV clinic-based substance abuse treatment program
  • Needle exchange program
  • Inpatient addiction consult service


Students will participate inĀ 7-8 didactic/case presentations about addiction medicine over the internship. Potential topics include:

  • Addiction and its treatment
  • Substance use screening and brief interventions
  • Social determinants of addiction
  • Substance use policy research
  • Chronic pain and substance use disorders
  • Smoking cessation and health disparities