Tuition and Travel


The training is supported by a grant from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).  Tuition is fully covered.

2015 Participants

Chief Residents

The grant supports up to 15 full chief resident scholarships that cover travel and accommodations.  Depending on available space, a limited number of chief residents will be accepted without a full scholarship, and can attend if able to secure their own funding for travel and accommodations. Participants must stay on site at Wylie Inn and Conference Center.



Faculty Mentors and Junior Faculty


Faculty Mentor, Jocelyn James, and Leah Gordon from the University of Washington

There is no grant support for faculty mentors and junior faculty.   Both are responsible for covering their travel and accommodations and must stay on site at Wylie Inn and Conference Center.

CMEs are offered to faculty at no cost.

A $300 deposit is required from those accepted into the  program and to secure placement. The deposit, a check written to Boston Medical Center, will be refunded upon completion of the training program.