2011 CRIT Program

2011 CRIT Program Presentation PDFs

1. Keynote Address (G. Dowling)

2. SU Teaching Project (D. Alford)

3. Opioids: Research Into Practice (D. Alford)

4. Stimulants (A. Walley)

5. Management of Unhealthy Alcohol Use: Research to Practice (R. Saitz)

6. Principles of Addiction (J. Samet)

7. Alcohol and Other Drug Screening and Assessment (R. Saitz)

8. Brief Interventions (J. Samet)

9. How to Increase Motivation (R. Saitz)

10. Teaching in a Small Group (A. Jackson)

11. Marijuana (H. Kunins)

12. Chronic Pain and Opioid Risk Management (D. Alford)

13. Effective Feedback (A. Jackson)

14. Giving Feedback to the Reluctant Learner (A. Jackson)

15. Benzodiazepines (A. Walley)

16. Medical Complications of Drug Abuse (J. Samet)

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