$1 to $249

Boston University gratefully acknowledges the leadership of the following donors, who have given between $1 and $249 to BUSM between July 1, 2016, and June 30, 2017.

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Anonymous (12) ¤■*◊
Hussein Abdul-Rassoul (MED’16,’20) ☆
Sheila A. Abeling ☆
Nadeem E. Abou-Arraj (MED’17) ☆
Robert M. Abrams (MED’58) and Frances R. Abrams ■*
Suryakanta Acharya ☆
Ashley D. Ackerman (MED’00) and Sean F. Rynne *
Michael Acosta (MED’16) ☆
Nancy C. Adair ☆
John J. Adams (MED’79, CAS’79) and Anne C. Adams *
Julia C. Adams ☆
David Agoada (MED’11)
Caroline M. Aiken ☆
Rachael Aiken ☆
Michael L. Aikens (MED’92) and Lisa H. Aikens ☆
William A. Albrecht ☆
Mahmood I. Alhusseini (ENG’11) *
Sue Allaire ☆
David W. Allen (MED’02) and Jordana Phillips *
Donna Allen ☆
Frank H. Allen (MED’60) and Nola N. Allen
Irving M. Allen (MED’65) and Betty N. Allen
Jane B. Allen ☆
Ronald W. Allen (MED’18) ☆
Andrea G. Alonso (MED’20) ☆
Barbara W. Alpert (SPH’79) ○
Michael D. Ames (MED’84, CAS’84) and Teresa Ames
Douglas Amon and Tammy G. Amon ☆
Laura Anastasi ¤☆
Edward P. Andersen (MED’64) and Pauline E. Andersen
Dave V. Anderson and Mary F. Anderson
Delois H. Anderson ☆
John W. Anderson and Carol J. Anderson ☆
Lynne Anderson ☆
Rebekah G. Anderson (MED’13, SDM’17) ☆
Riley Anderson ☆
Sarah Andrew (MED’87) and Brian R. Frykenberg *
Peter Angelos (MED’89, CAS’89, GRS’95) and Grace K. Angelos (Questrom’84, CGS’84)
Michael E. Annunziato and Nancy A. Annunziato
Robert W. Antelman (MED’77) and Berni J. Antelman (CAS’74, SSW’77) *
John A. Antonaitis *
Berniece M. Anzalone ☆
Hugo J. Aparicio ¤☆
Robert D. Arbeit and Susan Arbeit *
Philip J. Arena (MED’61) and Claire S. Arena ■*
Michael E. Arino and Cindy M. Arino ☆
Miguel A. Ariza (CAS’00, MED’04) and Wonmee Ariza *
Keyhan Arjomand and Maxine Arjomand *
Christopher J. Arlinghaus and Susan C. Arlinghaus
Alexandra S. Ashinoff (MED’20) ☆
Gerald H. Ashrafi (MED’05, SDM’10) ☆
David W. Atkinson and Margaret J. Atkinson ☆
Marilyn C. Augustyn and George Westerman ¤*
Robert E. Austin and Marjorie F. Austin ☆
Kevin T. Avery and Geraldine K. Avery
Nicholas C. Avery (MED’59)
Haris Awal and Nasreen Awal ■
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Viken L. Babikian and Lisa A. Sedrakian ¤
Sarah Bacci ☆
Leslie Backus
Mary P. Bailey ☆
Thomas B. Bain
Amelia R. Baker (MED’14) and Timothy Baker
George J. Baker and Deborah M. Baker *
Nina C. Baker
Zachary B. Baker and Carol K. Baker ☆
Joan A. Balfe ☆
Edward Balling and Sharon Balling ☆
Darrell M. Ballinger (MED’82) and Jovita Ballinger
Margaret P. Banazek ☆
Anne M. Bankson (MED’86) and Daniel D. Bankson
Rachel A. Bannister ☆
William H. Bardol and Joyce A. Bardol ☆
Glenn Barest ¤
Joyce A. Barley ☆
Douglas Barnes (MED’16,’20) ☆
Karen R. Barnett (CAS’79, MED’83) and Robert A. Barnett ■*
Harriet E. Baron ☆
Edward J. Barrington and Susan K. Barrington ☆
Curtis T. Barry (MED’03)
Richard L. Barry
Anne Bartholomew ☆
Michelle M. Barzee and Robert J. Barzee ☆
John F. Bassi and Renay S. Bassi
Rebecca C. Batiste (MED’09)
Tracy A. Battaglia (CAS’92, MED’96, SPH’01) and Andrew B. Simonetti ¤
Christina R. Bauder (CAS’15, MED’17) *
Graciela M. Bauza
Richard T. Baxter and Deborah Baxter
Christopher S. Bayers (MED’16) ☆
Sara Ann Beard *
Robert Beatty ☆
Alex Becerra
Laurence H. Beck and Catherine B. Beck ¤■*
Doreen Bednarski ☆
Deborah A. Begreen
Dan D. Bell and Jan R. Bell *
Erika Bellenger ☆
Robert Bellesheim and Gayle Bellesheim ☆
Steven J. Bellin (MED’78, CAS’78) and Renee R. Bellin (SAR’76) *
Linda L. Belmont ☆
Robert E. Benisek and Sylvia Benisek
Jonathan A. Benjamin *
Harry W. Bennert (MED’65) and Joan N. Bennert *
John M. Bennett (MED’59) and Carol R. Bennett
Richard E. Lawrence and Frances K. Bennett
Gregg C. Benson and Deborah H. Benson ☆
Michele D. Berdy (COM’72)
Isidore L. Berenbaum and Debra Berenbaum ¤■*
Mark J. Berenberg (MED’77) and Julie R. Berenberg
Jeffrey H. Berg (CAS’88, MED’92) and Denise M. Berg
Christopher M. Berger
Rachel J. Berger *
Warren Berkstresser ☆
Dan R. Berlowitz (SPH’87) and Betty L. Green (COM’89) ■*
Arnold M. Berman (CAS’72, MED’74) and Darlene J. Berman *
Rachel A. Berman (MED’10, SPH’10) and Yonah Berman *
Catherine Bernards (SPH’18) ☆
Bonnie Berretta ■
Mindy R. Berstein (MED’79, CAS’79) ■
Lynne G. Besen (CAS’72, MED’73)
Colin Best and Mardi Burton ☆
Dassie Bheechan ☆
Debbie Bieringer ☆
Aaron T. Billowitz (MED’66) and Laurie M. Billowitz *
Bruce R. Bindman and Susan Bindman *
Robert A. Bitter and Diane Bitter
L. Betty Bjorngjeld Trembly ☆
Kathryn Blackburn ☆
Sara E. Blackwell ☆
Alyssa Blanchard ☆
B. A. Blaney and J. C. Blaney ☆
Jordan L. Blinder (MED’86) and Hayley R. Blinder *
Charles M. Bliss (MED’89) and Cynthia A. Learner Bliss ¤*
Nancy L. Bloom (SPH’87) and Jacob L. Bloom ■*
Jan K. Blusztajn ¤*
Christine Boardingham ☆
Martin V. Boelitz and Nancy O’Malley ■☆
Michele Bois-Gilbody ☆
Henry R. Bolin and Hermina F. Bolin
Paul J. Bollea and Leslee A. Bollea
Michaelina R. Bolton (MED’07) and David Testa
Daniel N. Bonda and Vilija K. Bonda ☆
Danielle Bonetti ☆
Julie A. Boney ☆
Judith Borisky
Jean R. Boshco
Beryl L. Bounds and Sharon Q. Bounds ☆
Sarah N. Bowe (MED’08) and William E. Bowe *
Ritchie D. Bowles and Jennifer D. Bowles
John C. Bowman and Yolanda Bowman
Mary Jo Bowman ☆
Richard R. Boyink and Bradley R. Boyink
Elizabth Boyle ☆
Howarth P. Boyle and Esther F. Boyle ☆
John P. Bozzi and Gisele G. Bozzi ☆
Steven J. Brand (MED’79) and Patricia M. Brand (SON’78)
Nancy D. Brandes (CGS’70, COM’71)
James R. Brasic (MED’72, CAS’72)
Stanley M. Braverman and Maryanne P. Braverman
Kevin F. Breen and Leslie A. Breen *
Carmela C. Brennan ☆
Christopher J. Brennan and Carol Brennan *
Eric Bressler (MED’21,’21) ☆
Andrew J. Breuder (ENG’68, MED’77) and Elizabeth A. Breuder ■
Lynne L. Brewer (MED’74) *
Jeff Kaplan and Sally Brickell
David C. Brien and Dana P. Brien ☆
Peter D. Brigham and Kathryn L. Brigham ☆
Elizabeth A. Brochu (MED’17) ☆
Jerome A. Brock and Elizabeth A. Brock ☆
Kendall W. Brock and Doris C. Brock ☆
Stephen Broderick
William E. Brodkin (MED’68, CAS’68) and Joyce H. Brodkin (CAS’67, GRS’68) ■
Taylor Bronson (MET’0) ☆
Charles E. Brooks and Patsy F. Brooks ☆
Mohamad I. Brooks (SPH’07,’16) and Erin T. Brooks (SPH’09, MED’13)
Ryan T. Brothers ☆
Jennifer A. Brown ☆
Kathleen Brown ☆
Kelsey Brown ☆
Maggie P. Brown ☆
Rick Brown ☆
Eric J. Brownhill (MED’19,’19) ☆
James S. Brust (MED’68, CAS’68) and Kris G. Brust *
C. John Bryer
Robert Bubello and Diana S. Bubello
Aaron Buchta
Mehvish Bukhari (MED’20) ☆
Malcolm L. Burdine (LAW’72,’90) and Ina H. Burdine
John J. Burke (MED’16) ☆
Paul R. Burke and Debra F. Burke *
Sean P. Burns (MED’17) ☆
Wallace E. Burns
Robert S. Burroughs (MED’64) and Leigh A. Burroughs ■*
John T. Burtis (CAS’78) and Betsy B. Burtis (CAS’84)
Thomas P. Burton (MED’60) *
Denis P. Byrne (MED’70) and Joan D. Byrne (SED’71)
Judith Byrne-Ariel ☆
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Hanna L. Cacace (MED’18) ☆
Thomas D. Cafferty and Debra S. Cafferty
Tina C. Caggia ☆
Ann E. Caggiano (DGE’50) and Anthony Caggiano ■
Robert A. Caggiano (SED’76,’81) and May A. Harper ☆
Bin Cai (SPH’88) *
Nicolena Caine
Edward F. Caldwell (MED’86) and Christiane G. Caldwell *
Laurie Campana ☆
John W. Campbell (MED’03) and Erin M. Campbell *
Joan E. Canducci ☆
Anthony J. Cannistra (MED’87) and Lauralyn B. Cannistra *
Francis Cannizzo (SAR’85, MED’94,’94) and Susan M. Cash
Kathy Cannon (SED’03,’05) and Scott Berk ☆
Sandra B. Cantrell ☆
Saverio Caputi (MED’55) ∞ and Theresa L. Caputi *
Christopher Carey and Teresa Carey ☆
Katelyn J. Carey (MED’13,’17, SPH’13) ☆
Marie L. Carillo (MED’11,’15)
Ilene E. Carlson (MED’92) *
Eric T. Carniol (CAS’08, MED’12, Questrom’12) and Aliza S. Carniol (SAR’09)
Judith Carpenter ☆
Gianpaolo Carpinito (BUA’10, MED’19)
Paul D. Carreiro and Lynne E. Carreiro ☆
Beth Carroll ☆
Nina M. Carroll *
Patrick W. Carroll and Marianne G. Carroll ☆
Peter F. Carroll ☆
Ryan Carroll ☆
Jane L. Caruana ☆
Brooke Casey ☆
Catherine D. Casey
Christopher H. Casey and Annette M. Casey
David J. Casey (MED’96) and Maria E. DiGiovanni *
Kristine Caswell ☆
Christine Cataldi ☆
Emiddo Cavaliere and Ann Cavaliere ☆
Patti Cavaliere ☆
John Cavalieri ☆
John Cavalieri and Rosaria Cavalieri ☆
Rich Cavchon and Anna Cavchon ☆
Richard J. Cea (MED’63) and Barbara L. Cea
Joseph G. Cedrone and Diane M. Cedrone
Richard W. Cella and Joan F. Cella ☆
Joseph P. Ceresa (CAS’77) and Sherry L. Ceresa
Richard Cervone
Edward Chaiken and Judith T. Chaiken *
Maggie S. Chambers ☆
Emily L. Chan (MED’92, CAS’92)
Leland Chan (MED’18) ☆
Chava E. Chapman (SPH’89) and Basil Chapman ¤■*
Alain J. Chardon and Phoebe A. Chardron
Marci B. Chasnow (MED’83, CAS’83)
Bimal P. Chaudhari (CAS’05, SPH’07, MED’10,’11) and Katie Stone
Michael K. Cheezum (MED’07) and Tracy S. Cheezum
Jenny P. Chen (BUA’00, CAS’04, MED’07) and Brendan Connors
Kir-Wei Chen (MED’07,’12) and Kui-Tzu V. Feng (MED’07,’12, SPH’07)
S. C. Andrew Chen (MED’64) and Helen H. Tu
Vicki M. Chen (CAS’99, MED’02) and Christopher Ip ☆
Richard H. Chiasson and Elizabeth A. Chiasson ☆
Manmohan S. Chima and Harpinder K. Chima ■*
Winnie Chiu ☆
Hyong S. Choe (GRS’90, MED’93) ☆
Daniel S. Choi (MED’13,’17) ☆
Sandra Christison ☆
John Chuma and Angela M. Chuma
Jacob Chung and Debbie Chung ■☆
Louisa C. Cicillini
Peter Cirincione and Jill H. Coleman ☆
Donna M. Citino ☆
John B. Clancy and Nancy A. Clancy ☆
James O. Clark and Annie O. Clark
Thomas F. Clark and Kathy L. Clark
Dr. and Mrs. Curtis Clayman (MED’65) *
Thomas Clifton and Jan Clifton ☆
Brandon Cline and Katherine Vance ☆
Maura J. Coakley and John S. Cleary ¤*
John P. Cocchiarella (MED’64) and Joan M. Cocchiarella ■*
Christopher L. Coe (MED’17) ☆
Zachary Coffel ☆
Tamsen J. Coffey and Carolyn I. Marr ☆
James B. Cohen and Randi C. Cohen
Louis Cohen and Sondra Cohen ☆
Paul B. Cohen (MED’71) and Jane G. Cohen *
Robyn T. Cohen ¤
Lillian E. Cohn (MED’78) *
Kemal Colakhodzic ☆
Anthony Z. Cole and Gail G. Cole ☆
Elizabeth F. Cole (MED’61)
Mary Cole ☆
Laurie Coleman
Raymond C. Coleman and Kathleen V. Coleman ☆
Thomas W. Coleman and Vickie L. Coleman ☆
Paige A. Coles (CAS’14, MED’16) *
Steven L. Colman ☆
Francis L. Comunale (MED’59) and Maureen Oblachinski
Lisa Conine ☆
Patricia A. Conklin
Thomas J. Connell and Dorothy T. Connell
William Connell and Carol Connell
Patrick E. Connelly and Eileen E. Connelly ☆
Gary Connolly ☆
Thomas E. Connolly
Lawreen H. Connors (GRS’86) and Michael K. Connors ¤■
Margaret J. Connors
Maurice H. Connors (MED’57) and Mary Ann Connors *
Virginia A. Cook
Herbert L. Cooper and Ruth Cooper
James W. Cooper and Vicki K. Cooper ☆
Kevin W. Copeland *
David D. Corbett ☆
Mark A. Cordova and Shelly D. Cordova ☆
William L. Corney and Carol W. Corney ☆
Andrew Corrigan (CAS’13)
Ben Cotey ☆
Bonnell M. Cotnoir ☆
Jane Cotton ☆
Edward Courtney and Karen Courtney ☆
Ruth E. Courville
Gary K. Cousin (Questrom’97)
Carole A. Cox
Robert J. Coyle *
Tito B. Crafts ☆
William Crawford and Beverley Crawford ☆
Eleanor T. Cribbs
Richard G. Crittenden and Jean M. Crittenden ☆
James R. Crotty (MED’79, CAS’79) and Jennifer A. Crotty
Gloria A. Cullati *
Kathleen Cunningham
L. Adrienne Cupples (GRS’74) and John Cupples ¤*◊
Enda Currid and Hollie J. Stillwell ☆
Charles B. Currier (MED’63) and Lucille A. Currier *
Brian P. Curry (MED’09,’14)
Mark O. Cutler (MED’71, CAS’71) and Sandra J. Cutler ■*
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Betty A. Dadio *
Diane Dahlstrom ☆
Maria J. D’Amico (MED’20) ☆
Joseph Damigella and Beverly J. Damigella
Lee Dammers and Mary Ann Dammers
Karla Damus ¤*
Evalin Daniel ☆
Philipp Danilov and Tatyana Danilov
James M. Dargin (CAS’00, MED’04) and Elizabeth A. Dargin
Matthew DaRin and Jennifer DaRin
Sean Darling-Hammond ☆
Samantha DaSilva ☆
Christine A. Dattolo ☆
Paul Dattolo and Domenica Dattolo ☆
Paul V. Daverio (CGS’90, Questrom’92) and Anita J. Daverio ☆
Elizabeth A. Davidian
Bruce R. Davidson (MED’70) and Elaine A. Davidson
Donald J. Davis (MED’51) and Ruth D. Davis
Frank S. Davis (MED’78) and Lurree L. Davis
Megan R. Davis (MED’20) ☆
Stephen D. Davis and Marianne E. Davis ☆
Susan S. Davis (CAS’72, MED’74) and James W. Davis
Elda M. Dawber
Alain A. de la Chapelle (MED’65) and Iris A. de la Chapelle
Rossemary De La Cruz ☆
Louis T. Dearstyne and Helen L. Dearstyne
Michael Deason and Rita A. Deason ☆
Gretchen Dec ☆
Francisco DeCarvalho and Sueli DeCarvalho ■☆
Laura Defino ☆
Nancy F. DeLorenzo ☆
Patrick J. Deluhery and Margaret M. Deluhery ☆
Aram N. Demirjian (MED’97,’02) ☆
Joshua Denk ☆
David Dennis and Patricia I. Minne-Dennis ☆
Louis H. Dennis and Karen S. Dennis
Paul J. Depoo and Gretchen Rae Depoo ☆
Bruce Derbyshire (MED’54) and Elizabeth Derbyshire
Ellwood Derricks ■*
Cary M. DeShaw
Eileen Desrosiers ☆
Anthony Destefanis and Sonja Destefanis
Robert J. Detrick
Sundeep Dev (MED’93, CAS’93) and Tara K. Dev (COM’91)
Thomas P. Develin and Carolyn G. Develin
Edward Devlin and Kathleen Devlin
Ranbir S. Dhillon (CAS’89, MED’93) and Akiko Nishiyama (GRS’00, MET’01) *
DHS Class of 1978 ☆
David Dible and Gloria Dible *
Douglas J. Dicola (MED’17) ☆
William Diehl and Marilyn Diehl ☆
Daniel M. Dietrich and Dee Dee A. Dietrich ☆
Annette Digby *
Elva Dillavou
Philip A. DiMartino (COM’09) and Caitlin M. DiMartino (CAS’09) ¤*
Callie J. Ding (CAS’18, MED’18) ☆
Vincent D. Dinick (MED’93) *
Edward Dix and Shujun Tian ☆
Danielle A. Doctor (CAS’15, MED’20)
Alexander L. Dogon (GRS’93, MED’00) and Gina Dogon *
Raymond Domenico and Joanne Domenico ☆
Michelle M. Dominguez (MED’13)
Michelle N. Domini (MED’20) ☆
Mary M. Donald (MED’57) *
Robert L. Donegan and Cathleen G. Donegan
Stephen T. Donovan and Elaine F. Donovan
Peter V. Doolan and Mary M. Doolan ☆
Alejandro M. Dopico and Maria N. Dopico ☆
Marie D. Doran ☆
Mary C. Doran ☆
Tim Douthit and Shannon Douthit ☆
Thomas J. Dowling (MED’17) ☆
Susan P. Downey ☆
Nancianne E. Doyle (COM’85, MED’13) *
Domenic C. Drago and Barbara M. Drago ☆
Ashlee Drinkwine ☆
Gerald F. Driscoll and Ann M. Driscoll
Denis Dumont and Lana Dumont
Nicholas Duncan
John A. Dundas (MED’71) and Julia Dewdney *
Roxanne Dunkelberger ☆
Nancy A. Durant-Edmonds (MED’53) *
Jennifer L. Durr
Lena M. Dusio
Zephyr D. Dworsky (MED’15) *φ
John J. Dwyer and Susan H. Dwyer ☆
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Charles F. Eades (MED’60) and Anne A. Eades *
Charles I. Earp and S. L. Earp
Jonathan J. Eddinger (MED’96,’00) and Robin Eddinger
Joe Edelstein ☆
Christopher D. Edwards ☆
James E. Edwards (MED’55) and Nancy L. Edwards *
Robert F. Efron and Sharon G. Efron *
Lynne Ehle
Alan G. Ehrlich and Susan Ehrlich
Roy B. Einhorn and Jodi Sufrin
Stephen J. Eisenhardt ☆
James H. Eldredge (MED’54)
Victoria B. Eldredge
Leigh A. Elkins (CAS’94)
Jeffrey Ellingson and Rosa Wu *
Carolyn M. Ellman (CFA’73) and Norman S. Ellman *
Jennifer Emerson ¤☆
Jack J. Emes and Julia Emes ☆
James Emiliani ☆
Anne D. Emmerich (GRS’83, MED’87) and Marc Emmerich *
Michael J. Emmerling (MED’16,’20) ☆
Edward Englander and Linda Englander
James G. English (MED’12) ☆
Michael J. Ennis ☆
Simon Erani ☆
Gina H. Erickson ☆
Solveig G. Ericson (MED’85, GRS’87,’91) and Steven J. Ericson *
Paula R. Ernst ☆
Henry J. Esber
Shawn Estes and Sheila Estes
Neelou S. Etesami (MED’21,’21) ☆
Wendy L. Etkind ☆
Alan B. Ettinger (MED’83, CAS’83) and Deborah M. Weisbrot
Douglas B. Evans (MED’83) and Elizabeth D. Evans (SED’82) *
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Joanne Facci ☆
Jonathan D. Fain (Questrom’72) and Ruth D. Fain *◊
Veronica A. Faller (ENG’13, MED’17)
Edward V. Famiglietti (MED’72) *
Changxin Fan ☆
David J. Farber and Michaela K. Farber
Karen S. Farbman (MED’93, SPH’03) and David A. Farbman
Kathleen A. Farrell ☆
Cynthia Fassler ☆
Jason Fasulo and Jenny Fasulo
Taylor J. Federchook (MED’17)
James Fedolfi and Clare Fedolfi ☆
Casey Fein (MED’17) ☆
Michael Feinberg (MED’73, GRS’73) and Helen Feinberg
Andrea M. Feldman (SAR’06, MED’09) ☆
Ellen Feldman ☆
Stephanie A. Feldman (MED’10,’14) *
Marianela Feliu (MED’16)
Bernice E. Felix *
John Ferrante (MED’94) and Lori M. Ferrante *
Grace M. Ferri (CAS’18) ☆
William A. Ferri (MED’86) and Mary E. Ferri
Nicole Fietz
Johanna T. Fifi (ENG’96, MED’00) and Rachel Ventura *
Marisol Figueira ¤
Karl D. Fike and Betty J. Fike ☆
Domenic J. Filingeri (CGS’09, CAS’11, MED’15)
Fillip M. Findling (SAR’01, MED’02)
Candida A. Fink (CAS’82, MED’87)
Jacob N. Finkelstein and Gail F. Finkelstein ☆
Rich Finnegan and Sheila Finnegan *
Samuel J. Finnessey ☆
Gilbert R. Fisch (MED’58) and Marcia Fisch *
Gladys Fischer ☆
Kimberly Fischer ☆
Valerie Fischler
Zoe S. Fishman (MED’97) and Craig A. Fishman
Michael Fitzgerald ☆
Richard W. Fitzpatrick and Maureen Fitzpatrick
Joseph H. Flading and Kathy Flading ☆
Irene Flanagan ☆
Frederick A. Flavin and Donna Flavin ☆
Mark E. Florennce and Lynn Hendrickson ☆
John T. Floyd and Denise A. Floyd ☆
Lawrence F. Fluehr ☆
Richard E. Flynn (MED’12, SDM’17) ☆
Amy G. Fogelman (MED’02) and Matthew Fogelman *
Eric Folley and Mary Folley *
Karen T. Foo (MED’17) ☆
Daniel D. Foote (MED’66) and Polly A. Foote *
Angela M. Forbes ☆
Chester S. Ford and Patricia A. Ford ☆
Robert W. Ford and Catherine Ford ☆
Darryl A. Forgione and Norma L. Forgione ☆
Charles L. Foss and Carol S. Foss
Bill Foster and Pearl W. Foster ☆
Robert T. Fowler
Chris Fox and Stacey Fox ■
Steven J. Fox (MED’83) *
Brett T. Foxman (MED’82, CAS’82) and Nicole R. Foxman (COM’81) *
Framingham Lodge No 1264
Mark D. Franciosa (CAS’96, MED’06) and Huai-Jen Yang (CAS’01, GRS’01, MED’07,’11) *
Devon R. Francis (MED’06) *
Gary Frenay and Jackie L. Frenay ☆
Philip C. French and Luule B. French
Shelley French ☆
Paul Freyer and Kate Freyer
Helen Friedlander ☆
Richard Friedman and Roberta A. Friedman ■*
Friends Of Kay Finnigan ☆
George Friess and Maiga Friess
Richard E. Fritz and Lisa H. Fritz ☆
Kevin P. Frydryk and Susanna C. Frydryk ☆
Christopher Fuller and Joyce L. Fuller ☆
Kevin Furlong ☆
Mary J. Fusaro ☆
Caterina Fusca ☆
Taylor L. Fuss (MED’20) ☆
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Dan P. Gaffney ☆
Mark R. Gagne and Lori A. Gagne ☆
Jane M. Gallagher *
Shamus Gallagher ☆
Stuart Gallagher
Barbara A. Gallo
Russell Galpin and Phebe Galpin ☆
James M. Galvin (MED’92) and Dina H. Galvin
Julian Ganz and Karen Ganz ☆
Charles A. Garabedian (CAS’81, GRS’84, MED’88) *
Steven Gardiner and Nancy Gardiner *
Charles W. Gardner and Pnny J. Gardner ☆
Oriana Garfield and Allan Garfield (MED’68, CAS’68)
Michelle Garney ☆
Arthur Garrett and Nancy Garrett ☆
Betty L. Garrison
Ronald C. Gay and Rose A. Gay *
Edward A. Gaylor (SED’71) and Patricia E. Gaylor ■*
Benton W. Gaynes (CGS’79, COM’81) and Rebecca R. Davis ■
Evan Geller (MED’84) and Bernadette P. Geller
Robert F. Geller and Suzanne S. Geller *
David J. Gemelli and Carol A. Gemelli ☆
David Gentes and Patricia A. Gentes
Scott Gentry and Sallie W. Gentry ☆
Joyce P. George ☆
Frederick P. Georgian (MED’81,’81) and Margaret A. Georgian
William J. Georgitis (MED’73) and Betsy C. Georgitis (SED’73) *
Roxanne Gettino
William F. Gilbert and Audrey C. Gilbert *
David M. Gillerman ¤*
Marshall T. Gillette (SAR’10, MED’15) ☆
James H. Gilmour (MED’59) and Patricia S. Gilmour *
Martha Gilpatrick (MED’80) and F. Russell Wolf
Tanya N. Girgenrath (SAR’11, COM’11, MED’17)
Carola M. Girvan
Paul A. Gitman (MED’66) and Gail Gitman
Richard B. Glaser (MED’71) and Ann E. Steven
Charles B. Glass and Dorothy C. Glass ☆
Leonard L. Glass
William J. Glass and Carolyn C. Glass ☆
Richard Glassman ☆
Scott S. Glazier (MED’10) and Joanna H. Ng-Glazier (CAS’06, MED’10)
Mark Glenn and Sandra Glenn *
Alexis Glover ☆
John B. Glynn ☆
Thomas C. Godbold and Debra M. Godbold ☆
Steven R. Gold (MED’82, CAS’82) and Eva Gold *
Lee R. Goldberg (MED’92) and Debra K. Goldberg *
Arnold Goldenberg (MED’54) and Bernice W. Goldenberg ■
Mark K. Goldin and Anna Goldin
Joshua S. Goldlust (Questrom’05) and Kathleen Goldlust
Margaret B. Goldman (GRS’69) and John N. Goldman *
Rachel H. Goldstein (MED’17, SPH’17) ☆
Yara H. Gonzales (MED’12,’17) and Christopher R. Gonzales (MED’12,’17) ☆
Michele Jane J. Gonzalez (MED’02) and Ricardo A. Gonzalez
Amy Good ☆
Peter T. Goodrich and Diana Goodrich ☆
Mark L. Goodstein (MED’92) *
Charles W. Gorodetzky (MED’62) and Barbara L. Gorodetzky *
Fritz D. Gorst ☆
Patricia E. Gostomski ☆
David W. Gothard (MED’68, CAS’68) and Reiko J. Gothard
Fawn C. Gottlieb (MED’78) and David E. Gottlieb *
Thomas S. Gould (CAS’72, MED’74) and Constance S. Gould *
Kerry Goulston ☆
Jon Goyette and Stacy Goyette ☆
Norman D. Grace and Judith S. Grace
John H. Grader and Judith G. Grader ☆
Kathleen A. Graffam ☆
Daniel Graham and Peggy Graham
Peter C. Grande and Diane Z. Grande
Geoffrey E. Grant ☆
Michael J. Gray (MED’04,’08) and Marianne F. Gray (MED’04,’08) *
Stephen C. Green and Kathleen M. Best-Green
Karen S. Greenberg (MED’95) and Richard D. Rudman *
Steven M. Greenberg (MED’89, CAS’89) and Tamela S. Greenberg
Michael W. Greene and Christine F. Greene
Richard S. Greene
Richard B. Aron (SDM’77) and Beverly F. Greenwold (MED’77)
Richard J. Greiwe and Elaine S. Greiwe ☆
Michael A. Grieco
Arthur J. Griffa and Barbara H. Griffa *
Donald E. Grigsby
Hector W. Griswold and Barbara Griswold ■*
Nancy N. Grodin (Questrom’80) and Michael A. Grodin ¤■*
Herbert S. Gross and Marjory L. Gross
Elizabeth M. Groves (SSW’75) and Timothy W. Groves *
Cara S. Guenther (MED’20) ☆
Christine C. Gulla (MED’92, GRS’92) and Joseph A. Gushue
Mary Gullace ☆
Friends of Michael Gully ☆
James Gully and Margaret Gully ☆
Linda M. Gulyn (CFA’85) and Peter D. Gulyn *
Yan Guo ☆
Vishal K. Gupta (MED’17) ☆
Jeffrey T. Guptill (MED’01) ☆
Bennett S. Gurian (MED’65) and Tanya T. Gurian *
John T. Gustafson and Cynthia A. Gustafson
Juliet G. Gyebi-Foster (CAS’06, MED’10) and Bernard Gyebi-Foster
Mary T. Gyi ■☆
Rebecca T. Gyi (MED’12)
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Laura C. Ha (MED’17) ☆
Robert Haas ☆
Akram A. Habibi (ENG’16, MED’20)
Nancy E. Hackett ☆
Riley R. Hales (Questrom’21, MED’21) and Allie Hales ☆
Karen L. Hall ☆
Mary B. Hallen ☆
Norma B. Hamilton (CAS’62, MED’66) and Patrick Hamilton *
Amy Hamm ■☆
Jennifer M. Hammond (MED’15) ☆
William J. Hammond (MED’13) and Shamini R. Hammond *
Choongheon Han (MED’21, Questrom’21) ☆
Gaozhen Hang (MED’05)
Mary B. Hankins ☆
Deborah A. Hann ☆
Darlene Hanna ☆
Andrea Hansell *
Christian L. Hansen (MED’94)
Lois A. Hansen ☆
G. P. Haras and Patricia E. Haras ☆
David Harding and Melanie Harding
John S. Hardy and Elizabeth A. Hardy ☆
Jaurel L. Harley (MED’16) ☆
Michael J. Harlock and Christine Fitzsimmons *
Gerald R. Harpel (CAS’67, MED’73) and Cassie M. Harpel
Sandra L. Harris (CAS’72, MED’79) and Michael F. Mason *
Alan Harrison (Questrom’72) and Gay M. Harrison
Janie Harrison ☆
Mark Hartney (MED’12) ☆
Hartselle High Teachers ☆
Barbara L. Hartwell (MED’82) and James Hartwell
Nanette C. Harvey ¤
Luke Hauber and Gretchen Hauber
Zachary Haugen and Melissa Loomis ☆
Robert M. Hawk and Kathy Hawk ☆
Andrew D. Hawkins (MED’20) ☆
Michihiko Hayashida (CAS’49, MED’53) and Bernice Y. Hayashida ■
John P. Hayden (MED’16,’20) ☆
Paul C. Hayden and Jean M. Hayden
Victoria A. Hayne (Questrom’16) *
Gregory M. Hayward and Susan B. Hayward ☆
Gerald W. Hazard (MED’62) and Anne C. Hazard *
Raymond G. Healey and Marcia A. Healey ☆
J. Leslie Heaton and Sissy Heaton ☆
Jay V. Hebert and Ann M. Hebert
Kathleen A. Hedstrom
Laurie C. Heeney ☆
Erik Hehl and Jessica Hehl
Kimberly Heiligman ☆
Gloria W. Heininger ☆
Frederic E. Helbig (MED’69) and Maureen Helbig
Robert F. Heller and Judy Heller
Sheila Heller *
Linda C. Hemphill (MED’75) and Thomas S. Hemphill *
James A. Henderson and Ruth B. Henderson ☆
William L. Hennrikus and Eileen F. Hennrikus ■☆
William P. Hennrikus (MED’14) ☆
Kathy B. Henry (MED’81) and George H. Henry *
Laura J. Henseler (MED’92)
Howard K. Herman (MED’88, CAS’88) and Stacey K. Herman
Richard S. Herman and Judith E. Herman
William H. Herman (MED’79) and Ann R. Herman *
Warren Y. Hershman ¤
Joel Herskowitz ¤
Jon Heslin and Donna M. Heslin ☆
Donald T. Hess and Peter Cahn ¤
Stephen Heveron-Smith and Mary Heveron-Smith ☆
David Hewitt and Debra Hewitt ☆
Thomas L. Higgins (MED’78, CAS’78) and Suzanne F. Higgins (SED’79) ■
Aline I. Hillman (Questrom’86) and Scott R. Hillman (Questrom’86,’86) ¤*
John Hinchey and Edith L. Hinchey ☆
Karan S. Hingorani (MED’20) ☆
Debby Hiris ☆
Dennis Hirsch ☆
Marc F. Hirsch (MED’69, CAS’69) and Mildred D. Hirsch
Rachel E. Hirshorn (MED’20) ☆
R. Paul Hirt and Lynn Campana ☆
Albert R. Histand and Anna M. Histand ☆
Norman A. Hjelm *
Fred Hochberg and Marcia Hochberg
James S. Hoffman (MED’88) and Jane M. Hoffman
Jon Hoffman and Mary Hoffman *
Marc S. Hoffman (MED’91) and Sharon Siegel
John M. Hogan and Margaret A. Hogan ☆
Anna D. Hohler (CAS’95,’98, MED’98) and David Hohler ¤*
Heidi M. Hohmann
Emily A. Holick (MED’10,’14) *
Charles Hollingsworth ☆
Constance Holsneck ☆
Steven J. Holtz (CAS’72, MED’74) and Helen M. Holtz *
Mary Jo Hoover ☆
William N. Hoover and Kari M. Hoover *
Chris D. Horblit and Donna Horblit ☆
Catherine Horne ☆
William C. Horne (GRS’76) and Roberta L. Brilmayer *
Jeffrey W. Horton and Toni A. Horton
Christopher R. Hoult
Dean C. Howard (CAS’71, MED’82) and Martha A. Koutsos (SED’78)
Adam D. Howell (MED’16) ☆
Adam Hsieh (MED’20) ☆
Kwei-Perng G. Hsieh and Shian-Jiun Shih ■☆
Hao Huang (MED’16)
Pei-Li Huang (MED’88, CAS’88)
Ann M. Hubbell ☆
Sarah Hudson ☆
Tonya M. Hudson (MED’92)
David Huebner and Elaine M. Huebner ☆
Sara E. Hughes ☆
Haver Hunter ☆
Susan K. Hutchison
Andrew Huvos (MED’55) and Monique Huvos ■*
Laurice Hwang
Gary M. Hyatt and Debbie L. Hyatt ☆
Richard M. Hyne and Marian A. Hyne
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Richard A. Iannotta
Lois B. Illman (SED’66) ■
Joelle Marie Innocenti-Kraft
Edward R. Ipema and Judy L. Ipema *
Robert F. Irwin and Barbara A. Irwin ☆
April J. Isa (MET’15) *
Aleksandr Isakov (MED’17) ☆
Anne P. Iverson *
Elizabeth D. Ivy (SON’68)
Caitlin R. Izzo (MED’17) ☆
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Patricia Jackson ☆
Robert W. Jackson and Barbara L. Jackson ☆
Loretta E. Jackson-Williams (MED’94,’94) and James E. Williams
Janel R. Jacob (MED’78) and Gregg A. Lichtenstein *
Susan Jacob (CAS’14, MED’20)
Jean M. Jacques ☆
Conrade C. Jaffe and Toini L. Jaffe ¤☆
Vinoth Jagaroo (MED’98) ☆
Kevin M. James and Julia Wood
Lee S. Jamison (MED’08,’13)
Mary M. Jan (CAS’95, MED’03) *
Kim A. Jankowski ☆
Ronald E. Janosko and Mary A. Janosko
Dora Jaramillo ☆
Robin M. Jennings and Jeffrey A. Jennings ☆
Sharon Jerge ☆
Marilyn Jeris
Z. Gordon Jiang (MED’05,’11) and Ling Luo
Andy Y. Jih ☆
Angela Jillson ☆
Helen S. Jin (MED’21, Questrom’21) ☆
Jing Jin (GRS’93)
John S. Johns and Arlene V. Johns
Jami H. Johnsen (CAS’07, MED’11) and Joseph R. Donahue ¤
David H. Johnson (MED’99) and Karen L. Johnson *
Renee M. Johnson (MED’17) ☆
Stephen M. Johnson and Nancy A. Johnson ☆
Jane Johnston ☆
William Johnston and Tracy Johnston ☆
Julie A. Jones ☆
Kayla Jones ☆
Susan L. Jones ☆
Peter Jorgensen (CAS’06) and Jennifer R. Jorgensen (CAS’07, MED’12, SPH’12) ☆
Clyde V. Joseph and Angela Joseph
Edward Joseph (MED’66) and Frederica Joseph
Robert C. Joseph (MED’84) and Suzanne A. Bird *
Susan Jreige (ENG’90) and George A. Jreige ¤■*
Donald J. Jurek and Jill A. Jurek ☆
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K14’s Friends of Benjamin James Taylor ☆
Uday D. Kabe and Laura J. Kabe ☆
Marc R. Kadish and Suzin W. Kadish ☆
Deborah Kaeser *
Chase I. Kahn (MED’20) ☆
Heidi Kapanka (CAS’76, MED’80) *
Leslie E. Kaplan
Richard N. Kaplan (MED’58) and Sue Kaplan *
Stephen R. Kaplan and Marilyn Kaplan
Frank R. Karasinski *
Lucille J. Karasinski
Susan Karlins and David Sausjord ■☆
Jeffrey Karlson and Trisha Daly-Karlson ☆
Robyn G. Karlstadt (CAS’72, MED’74) and Stephen H. Meyeroff *
Rhonda Karol
William L. Kasdon (MED’70, CAS’70) and Maureen A. Kasdon
Lawrence E. Kass (CAS’83, MED’87) and Rena B. Kass
Kenneth B. Kassler-Taub (MED’80) and Susan Kassler-Taub
Michael E. Katin and Eileen M. Katin
David Kaufman (MED’47) and Joan A. Kaufman
Kathleen E. Kearney (MED’84, CAS’84) and James D. Levinsohn
W. Dennis Keating and Kay L. Martin ☆
Richard J. Kebea and Beth A. Kebea ☆
Robert S. Kerns and Maura Keenan
Kevin F. Keleher and Annemarie W. Keleher ☆
Katherine Kelk ☆
Patricia A. Kelleher ☆
William Kelleher ☆
Jeanne D. Keller (MED’55) and Dieter H. Keller ■*
Heather E. Kelley (CAS’93, GRS’93) and Joseph E. Kelley *
Robert H. Kelley and H. Florence Kelley
Kathleen M. Kelly (MED’90) and Landis Rogers
Leo T. Kelly (MED’58) and Lorraine K. Kelly ■*
Deborah Kendrick ■☆
Beverly J. Kent ☆
Phyllis A. Kephart (MED’82) and Henry P. Woll (SON’84) *
Lowell H. Keppel (MED’78) and Betty J. Keppel
Kathryn L. Kern (MED’20) ☆
Paula Kerwin
Baljeet K. Khaira (MED’13, SDM’17) ☆
Bilal Khamsi (MED’0,’20) ☆
Fatemeh Khosroshahi *
Kristi Kienholz
Patricia Kienholz ☆
Jerry Kill and Rebecca Kill ☆
Andrew Kim (MED’15) ☆
Jeonghoon Kim (SDM’17) ☆
Heidi S. Kimball (Questrom’00) and John Kimball ☆
Lyla R. Kimball ☆
Nancy Kimbel ☆
E. Sanford King and Marsha C. King
Geoffrey King and Elaine L. King ☆
John H. Kingsley and Lisa Z. Kingsley ☆
The Estate of Mary Anne M. Kinney
Ekaterina Kintsurashvili ¤☆
Robert Kiwi and Merle Kiwi ☆
John T. Klamer ☆
Stephen F. Klein and Renee A. Klein *
Howard Kligerman and Nance Gieger
Thornton C. Kline (MED’64) and Genevieve J. Kline *
Daniel Kluchinski ☆
Rebecca S. Knapp (MED’89)
Treyce S. Knee (GRS’87, MED’91) and Rex Guinn
Barbara J. Kneeland ☆
M. Alda Knight ☆
Barbara Knuth and Kurt Jirka ■☆
Kendra L. Kobrin (CAS’08, MED’17,’17)
Jonathan M. Koff (MED’97) and Stacey G. Koff *
Kelly Kolar ☆
Pardis Koleini (CAS’10, MED’13, SDM’17)
Cailey S. Koonce ☆
Jerald Korman (MED’85) and Deborah N. Korman (LAW’87)
Margaret S. Kosek (MED’55) and Jon C. Kosek ■*
Courtney L. Koslow
Bernard Kotton and Barbara Kotton *
Stephen Koury ☆
Karthik C. Kovuru (MED’20) ☆
Srinivas Kovuru and Madhavi Kovuru ■☆
Ira J. Kowal (MED’62)
Pamela Kranz-Eble ■
Donald T. Krizek and Betty W. Krizek
Philip C. Kron and Mary Lou B. Kron *
Vasken M. Kroshian ¤■*
George Kroumpouzos ☆
Anna Kruyer ☆
Deborah J. Kruyer ☆
David S. Kugler (SPH’94, MED’96,’97) and Dorothy Kugler *
Frederick Kuhns and Paula Kuhns
Krishnaji H. Kulkarni and Vshatai Kulkarni ■
Sudhir Kumar ¤☆
Mark C. Kuperwaser (MED’85) and Judith H. Kuperwaser *
Diane B. Kurshan (MED’80, CAS’80) and Peter J. Kurshan *
Karen K. Kwei (MED’11)
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David M. Lachenauer and Cindy L. Lachenauer ☆
Clement E. LaCoste (CAS’50, MED’55) and Joan M. Lacoste
Todd H. LaFleur and Robin M. LaFleur ☆
Eric J. Lagerquist ☆
Subodh K. Lal (MED’97, CAS’97) and Chavi Lal *
Edward V. Lally (MED’75) and Mary C. Lally
George A. Lam and Hwai-Tai C. Lam ☆
Richard C. Lambert and Cynthia G. Lambert ☆
Robert F. Lancissi and Barbara A. Lancissi ☆
Sarah Land ☆
William Lang (MED’77) and Margaret D. Lang *
Warren F. Langley (MED’51) and Irene G. Langley (GRS’51) *
Matthew Langton and Rhonda Langton ☆
Alfred Lanzoni and Maddalena C. Lanzoni *
Eugene F. Laparle and Paulette G. Laparle
Jean-Robert Larrieux (SPH’92) ¤■*
Timothy W. Lau (MED’17) ☆
Sara B. Laughlin
Cara Lavier ☆
Sarah Lavin ☆
Simeon Law ☆
Daniel R. Lawlor (MED’15)
Ruth M. Lawner ☆
James Lawrence (MED’62) and Jane S. Lawrence
Toby Lay ☆
Stephen G. Lazoff (MED’69, CAS’69) and Deborah M. Lazoff
William E. Leavitt (MED’17) ☆
Cassandra A. Lee (MED’01, CAS’01) ☆
Donna A. Lee ☆
Ryan Lee and Janet Lee ☆
Robert Leffler and Susan Leffler ☆
June Leighton
David C. Leiman (MED’78) and Selma D. Greenfield (SAR’76) *
Albert C. Leizman and Ann Harte
Nancy L. Lemieux ☆
Friends of Leon Shapiro ☆
Cataldo W. Leone and Rosemary W. Leone ¤■*
Connie S. Leraas ☆
Rob Leraas and Amber Leraas ☆
Keith J. Lerner (MED’80, CAS’80) and Lauren L. Lerner (MED’80, CAS’80) *
Seth P. Lerner (MED’81) and Judith S. Lerner (SSW’81)
Richard Lerro and Deborah Lerro ☆
Jennifer M. Lesinski ☆
Mark L. Lessne (CAS’01, MED’05) and Nicole R. Cullen (CAS’01)
Joseph A. Levine (MED’87, CAS’87) and Sandra W. Levine *
Eli B. Levitt (MED’16)
David L. Levy (MED’75) and Valerie H. Levy *
Pearl Levy ☆
Herbert I. Lewis (Questrom’76) and Sherri B. Lewis ¤■*
Mary E. Lewis ☆
Raymond M. L’Heureux and Kathy L’Heureux *
Lulu W. Li (MED’20) ☆
Jack Liang and Wendy Lu ■☆
Eloise E. Licata-Gehr (SON’79) and Gerald Gehr *
Robert S. Lie and Ellen J. Lie ■*
Stephanie H. Lie (SAR’15, MED’19) *
Jeffrey M. Liebmann (MED’83, CAS’83) and Cindy G. Liebmann *
Meyer D. Lifschitz (GRS’66, MED’67) and Elizabeth B. Lifschitz *
Anthony E. Lim (MED’10) and Jeanne Lim *
Sanghee Lim (CAS’13, MED’17,’17)
Wei-Yue Lim ■*
Dennis B. Lind (MED’66) and Judy A. Lind (SSW’66) *
Kristen A. Lindgren (MED’11,’11) and Matthew Volinsky
Robert J. Lindsay (MED’15) *
Jim Lindsey ☆
Steven Lipper (GRS’70, MED’72) *
Katie Lister ☆
Kimberly G. Litherland
Ajisa M. Liti (MET’0, MED’16)
Bert Liu (MED’11,’16, SPH’16)
Hou-Chi Liu and Hsing-Hui Hsi ■
Frank Livingston
Ronald S. Lizzi ☆
Barbara G. Lock (MED’97) ☆
John F. Loeber and Linda M. Loeber ■*
Bonnie L. Loedel (LAW’94) and Mark T. Russell
Julie Loeffelholz ☆
Markus F. Loeffler (MED’13,’17) and Kathryn Loeffler ☆
Donald R. Lomb and Mary A. Lomb *
Harold Lomb and Dorothy R. Lomb
Robert E. Longo (CGS’55) and Kathleen E. Longo ☆
William G. Longo-Kazanova and Linda Longo-Kazanova ☆
Delia Lopez (CAS’07, MED’18) ☆
Richard J. Lopez (MED’77) and Suzanne G. Lopez ■*
Peter Lorenco and Eileen M. Lorenco
Richard Losavio and Lynne DeClemente-Losavio ☆
Peter R. Loughlin and Valerie Loughlin
Brendan Loui and Rae Loui ■*
Patrick Lovecchio ☆
James S. Loyack and Grace G. Loyack ☆
Shirley Lucas ☆
Laurie A. Lucchina ☆
Colleen Lucio
Sally Anne A. Lund (MED’89) and Paul Y. Liu *
James Luton and Christine Luton
Peter J. Lydon (CAS’78, MED’82) and Nancy P. Lydon
Peter M. Lynch (SED’73,’74,’80) and Kathleen K. Lynch (SED’80)
Barry W. Lynn (STH’73) and D. Joanne Lynn (MED’74)
Caroline B. Lyon (SPH’98, MED’98) *
Richard F. Lyons and Kerri L. Lyons *
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Eunice MacAllister and James D. MacAllister ¤*
Bridget A. MacConnell ☆
Stephanie MacDerment
Martin C. MacDonald and Candace L. MacDonald ☆
Maureen T. Macdonald
Mark Macksoud and Julie Macksoud ☆
Roger P. Madera and Rebecca Madera ■
Christopher Maggiano ☆
Ruth J. Magraw (MED’79) and Michael Baron *
Kaethe O. Maguire
Clara E. Mahan Duclos ☆
Paul J. Maher and Marjorie M. Wylde ☆
Robert Major and Michelle L. Major *
Paul Malnati and LuAnn Malnati ☆
Harrison Maloy ☆
Timothy J. Maloy and Renee Pelletier ☆
Emily S. Manders and W. Thomas Manders ¤■
Channing Mann and Kimberley Mann
Kathleen A. Marafino ☆
Albert H. Marcus (DGE’49, CAS’52, MED’56) and Estelle Stetz-Marcus ■
Gerald H. Margolis (CAS’64, MED’68) and Marjorie M. Margolis ■*
James Marino ☆
David Marinone and Lori Marinone *
Phoebe S. Markey *
Daniel Marsh and Meg Marsh ☆
Bronwyn L. Martin (CAS’85, GRS’87, MED’94) *
Brooks Martin (MED’78) and Karen B. Martin *
Christa Martin ☆
Joseph M. Martin and Suzanne S. Martin
Therese D. Martin ☆
Julio Martinez ☆
Ronald E. Martino and Alberta Martino ☆
Patricia Martuscello
Joseph B. Marzouk (MED’76) *
Suzanne N. Mashburn ☆
Lois A. Mason (CFA’77) ☆
Thomas P. Massello (MED’70) and Carolyn S. Massello
Daniel W. Massie and Tita Massie ☆
Richard Matano and Jill Matano ☆
Ronald A. Matheson and Pamela A. Matheson ☆
Eileen H. Mathieu (MED’77) and Owen R. Mathieu
M. Barbara Matthews ☆
Eva R. Mauer (CAS’72, MED’73) and Patrick A. Mauer
Nicholas M. Mauricio (MED’17) ☆
George G. Mayfield ☆
Matthew T. McAdams (CAS’09, MED’11,’15) *
Joseph M. McBrearty ☆
Laura L. McCann (MED’77) and Peter Kates ■*
Arthur W. McClaren and Kathleen A. McClaren
Donald F. McConnell ☆
Lee McConnell and Joy P. McConnell ☆
Joseph T. McConnon ☆
Joseph P. McCormack and Anne M. McCormack ☆
Barbara M. McCredie (SED’68) ☆
Francis McDevitt and Jean M. McDevitt ☆
Jeremiah P. McDonald (MED’63, GRS’63) and Louise A. McDonald *
Patrick J. McGeoghegan and Susan K. McGeoghegan
Patrick McGillen (MED’16,’20) ☆
Francis H. McGourty and Eleanor H. McGourty ¤*
Elizabeth McGrath ☆
Patricia McGuire
Timothy P. McGuire ☆
Allison R. McHenry (MED’15, SPH’15)
Robert P. McInnis (MED’17) ☆
James R. Mckee and Terri McKee ¤☆
Patricia K. McKeehan *
Raymond V. McKelvey and Sheila A. McKelvey ☆
Elizabeth H. McKenna (MED’89) and Jeffrey A. McKenna *
Guy McKinney and LeeAnn McKinney
Lauren A. McLane *
Patricia E. McLean *
Walter L. McLean (MED’60) and Francis M. McLean *
Craig W. McLear *
Michael McMillan ☆
Tim McNally and Patricia McNally *
Linda McNeill *
Linda McNeill ☆
Cheryl A. McSweeney (SPH’13) ¤☆
Mary C. McWeeney ☆
Kyle A. Medeiros (MED’12, SDM’17) ☆
Geraldine A. Medici (SON’66,’72)
Edna M. Meeks ☆
Linda B. Meeks ☆
Renee Meeks ☆
Christine Mehr ☆
Mehrdad F. Mehr (CAS’89, MED’94) *
Hasti Mehta (SPH’15) ☆
Matthew P. Melander (MED’97) and Rebecca S. Melander
Benedetta Mele ☆
Gail Menkes and Daniel L. Menkes (MED’88) *
Darrel E. Merk and Maxine C. Merk *
Kimberly Merk
William Merriam ☆
Dana A. Merrithew (MED’78, CAS’78) and Jane E. Merrithew (SAR’78) ■
Edwin C. Meserve (MED’50) ∞ and Marilyn M. Meserve (CAS’46, MED’50)
Robert M. Metzger and Judy B. Metzger ☆
Thomas M. Meyer ☆
Gary Michel and Karen Michel ☆
Jonathan W. Miles and Elizabeth P. Miles ☆
John M. Miller (MED’62) and Ann Miller *
Keith C. Miller (MED’92)
Linda E. Miller and Kenneth E. Miller ☆
Lindsay E. Miller (MED’07,’11)
Michael E. Miller and Linda Miller ¤
Samuel J. Miller (MED’17) ☆
William H. Miller (Questrom’58)
Peter Milsky and Susan Milsky ☆
Jill G. Milstead ☆
Gayle P. Milton (MED’86) and Michael C. Zeller *
Meredith J. Mims ☆
Cynthia E. Miner ☆
Paul R. Minton (CAS’52, GRS’53, MED’57) and Sarah B. Minton *
Mark H. Mirochnick and Diana F. Clarke Mirochnick ¤■*
Allen A. Mitchell and Paula L. Mitchell ¤
Andrew T. Mittelman (MED’17) ☆φ
Wayne R. Modig and Judith A. Modig *
Daniel E. Moger and Marilyn L. Moger
Vimala P. Mohammed
Jessica Mohr ☆
Rafic Mohtar and Samar Mohtar ■
John K. Molen ☆
Jennette Molnar ☆
Carole H. Moloney (SON’83) and Kevin J. Moloney ¤■*
William J. Moltz and Carol Z. Moltz ☆
Jack Mondonedo and Diana Mondonedo ■*
Dario A. Monge (MED’15) ☆
Chrisalyn K. Monroe
Lisa E. Montalbano ☆
David Monteiro ☆
Kimberly Montz ☆
Doris M. Moore
Joy Moore ☆
Gail M. Moorhouse and Jen Moorhouse ☆
Robert J. Morgan (MED’17,’17) and Nicole M. Roselli (CAS’08, MED’13, Questrom’13)
Thomas Morgan (CAS’93, MED’97) and Helga Moreira
Thomas Morley and Kay Morley
Lucille C. Morris (SED’71) *
Scott M. Morris and Jimmy M. Morris ☆
David T. Morrison and Nancy B. Morrison ☆
Gavin Morrissey ☆
James Morse and Roni Morse
Jeffrey M. Morse (MED’85) and Peggy T. Morse *
Carter G. Mosher (MED’61) and Shirley A. Mosher
A. Jim Mosrie and Caroline C. Mosrie ☆
David C. DiBenedetto (SDM’80) and Martha E. Moss (SON’79, MED’88) *
Scott V. Mower and Kathleen Mower *
Lezetta J. Moyer (CAS’68) and Lin E. Moyer
Peter H. Moyer (SPH’03) and Gricel G. Moyer *
Robert R. Muench and Joanne I. Muench ☆
William C. Mugridge and Mary C. Mugridge
Fuad Mukarker
Tridas Mukhopadhyay and Nidhi Gangwar ■☆
Akira Murakami ¤
Elizabeth A. Murphy (MED’95) and Edward J. Murphy *
Jackie Murphy ☆
Joan R. Murphy
Timothy P. Murphy (MED’87, CAS’87)
Brett R. Murray (MED’17) ☆
Nathaniel Murray and Victoria S. Murray ☆
Jabed Mustafa (SPH’06, MED’16) ¤*
Patrick Myers and Kelly Myers ☆
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Albert H. Nadjarian (SAR’09, MED’13,’17, SPH’13)
Margaret A. Naeser ¤
Jeanne E. Nahm ☆
Sagar N. Nakrani (CAS’17, MED’17)
Frank Nappi and Julie A. Nappi *
Hannah Narburgh ☆
Kirk Narburgh and Kim Narburgh ☆
Karen S. Nardone ☆
Thomas Narsisian and Pamela J. Narsisian ☆
Lynn Nathanson ■☆
Uduwage A. Navarathna and Marie K. Navarathna ■
Timothy T. Navien (MET’16) φ
John Necco and Marsha Necco ☆
David W. Nelson (MED’82, CAS’82) and Dena M. Nelson *
Richard Nelson and Ruth Nelson
Richard Nemrow ☆
Asha E. Neptune (SPH’11, MED’11) *
Jerry Nesbitt
Thomas J. Nespeca and Elaine R. Nespeca ☆
Leslie B. Neustadt
Richard C. Newell (CAS’51, MED’56) and Beverly L. Newell ■*
Morton B. Newman (MED’56) and Raisa K. Newman (SED’58, GRS’69)
Alice W. Newton (MED’91) and Jesse E. Cochin ■
Alex T. Nguyen (MED’13, SDM’17) ☆
Sophia T. Nguyen (MED’17) ■☆
Andrew O. Nichols (MED’88) and Irene Fassler ¤*
Joseph D. Nickerson and Celesta A. Nickerson
Mark A. Niederschulte and Terri J. Niederschulte ☆
John M. Nigro (MED’66) and Janis G. Nigro ■
Neil J. Nigro (MED’94,’98) and Stephanie Nigro
Suniti N. Nimbkar (MED’88, CAS’88) and Andrew L. Rich (Questrom’01, ENG’01)
Arvind S. Nishtala (MED’15, SPH’15, CAS’15)
Ronald H. Nix ☆
Edward G. Noack and Sharon R. Noack ☆
Dolores C. Nocera *
Charles S. Nordell (MED’68, CAS’68) and Diane A. Nordell *
Dennis C. Norden and Karen J. Bergan *
Perry Norton (MED’57) and Bonnie M. Norton *
Theresa C. Notestine (SAR’05,’07) ☆
Carol Novak ☆
Robert A. Novelline (MED’69)
Fritz S. Noymer (SED’48) and Luciana S. Noymer *
Charlene Ntahobari ☆
Sara J. Nuciforo (MED’89) and Richard Murray ¤*
Kathleen R. Nudel (MED’16) ☆
Regina Nysko
Sheila P. Nysko (SED’70)
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Steven Oakes ☆
Robert D. Oates (MED’82) and Kathleen R. Oates (SPH’81) ¤■
David J. Oatey ☆
Thomas J. Oathout ☆
Stephanie M. Oberhaus ¤*
Constance L. O’Brien *
Forrest W. O’Brien and Jeanne O’Brien
C. Thomas O’Connell (MED’57) and Patricia B. O’Connell *
Joseph A. O’Connor
Terrence F. Oder (MED’95)
Madelane T. Odreman (MED’16,’16) ☆
Lydia P. Ogilby (SSW’67) *
Ann M. Ogletree (Questrom’79)
Robert C. Oh (CAS’93, MED’98) and Connie Oh *
Olivia Ohlmeyer ☆
William H. Oken and Fran Oken
Margaret O’Neil ☆
Thomas J. O’Neil and Kathleen A. O’Neil ☆
Roger S. Orefice and Frances E. Orefice
Mary P. Osborne ☆
John A. Osterman and Carol A. Osterman *
Robert O’Sullivan
Thomas A. Owens and Denise E. Owens
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Constance L. Packard (MET’96) ¤*
Kristi A. Paiva (CAS’07, SPH’09) and Alexander Paiva (CAS’06, MED’08) ¤
Christina Palazzoli ☆
Joel A. Palladino (MED’15) ☆
John Pallen and Gail M. Pallen
Jeffrey P. Palmer (MED’84) and Victoria Palmer ■*
Jean J. Panagakos (CAS’72, MED’74) and J. Alberto Martinez *
Haig Panossian (CAS’05, MED’08,’12) *
David W. Pantalone
Carol S. Papov (MED’95) and Vladimir V. Papov
Harvey A. Parad and Nancy J. Parad ■*
Andrew J. Paraskevas ¤
Karishma Pareek (CAS’17, MED’17) ☆
Bindu A. Parekattil ☆
Stephen E. Parenteau and Karen E. Parenteau
Bum Y. Park and Hae S. Park ■☆
Cassandra S. Parker (MED’17) and Patrick Henson ☆
Norman H. Parmenter and Dora A. Parmenter
Charles M. Parr and Carol S. Parr ☆
John P. Pasacane and Ann Marie Pasacane *
Elaine E. Pascal *
Steven W. Paskal (MED’80)
Stephen G. Pasquale and Gina E. Pasquale ☆
Robert H. Pass (MED’91, CAS’91)
Morris Pasternack (MED’84) and Shelley Fredson *
Raymond J. Patackis and Rita M. Patackis
Vincent J. Patalano (MED’88) and Donna J. Patalano (COM’87)
Ashvin I. Patel ☆
Bharat Patel and Manisha Patel ■*
Chirag V. Patel (CAS’88, MED’92) and Suringder K. Patel
Mrugesh N. Patel (CAS’12, MED’17, SPH’17) *
Punam A. Patel (CAS’13, MED’17) ☆
Richa D. Patel (MED’17) ☆
John P. Patten and Janice M. Patten
Jamel Y. Patterson (MED’88) and J. J. Patterson
Michael E. Patton (MED’13, SDM’18) ☆
Dori Paulino
Walter M. Pavasaris (SED’93) and Beverly A. Pavasaris (SPH’83) *
Haritha Pavuluri (CAS’17, MED’17) ☆
Joyce M. Peace *
Mark Pearlstein and Melanie Pearlstein ☆
Frederick Pearson and Anni Pearson
William H. Pease and Teresa Pease
Geoffrey A. Pechinsky (MED’97) and Kristin G. Pechinsky (LAW’97)
Poul Pedersen and Vanessa Pedersen ☆
Joe Pedro ■☆
George J. Pelosi ■☆
James A. Peltekis and Betty V. Peltekis
Teng J. Peng Zhao (SAR’13, CAS’13, MED’17)
Katie Penkert ☆
Anne L. Pennock ☆
Vincent H. Pepe (GRS’86,’86, MED’89) and Noreen J. Pepe (CAS’80, MED’85) ☆
Helen Perakis (MED’06) *
Ibrahim Perez ☆
Alexandra B. Perkins (MED’92) and Robert Antonacci
Christopher J. Perkins (GRS’88, MED’93) and Kathryn A. Perkins ¤■
Ronna J. Perlmutter
Victoria K. Perry (MED’12) *
Kelsey C. Peters (MED’17) ☆
Alan S. Peterson (CAS’68, MED’72) *
Beverly J. Peterson ☆
Nicole Peterson ☆
David R. Petishnok (CGS’75, CAS’77) and Kathryn Petishnok ■*
Janine R. Petito (MED’17) ☆
Marion A. Petron (MED’92) and Alexander W. Petron *
Milton C. Pettapiece (MED’65) and Susan F. Pettapiece *
Ann H. Pettigrew (MED’60) and Thomas F. Pettigrew
Donald R. Pettit (MED’64) *
Katherine L. Phaneuf (MED’88)
Robert C. Phelps and Karen S. Phelps
Paul T. Philbin and Laurie A. Philbin ☆
John Phillips and Sue Phillips
Julie Piato and Robert N. Piato
Lindsay E. Pickard ☆
Sarina L. Piergrossi ☆
Jeffrey Piersall and Darlene Piersall ☆
Richard S. Pieters (SED’74, MED’82) and Edith M. Jolin (MED’88) *
William Pilkington ☆
Gabrielle Pilla (CAS’17) ☆
Laura F. Pinzur (DGE’60, CAS’63) *
R. Pipich ☆
David S. Pisetsky and Ingrid B. Pisetsky
William T. Pizzi and Leslie A. Pizzi ☆
John D. Poe and Paula M. Poe ☆
Marc A. Pohl and Carol S. Pohl ☆
Andy H. Poritz (CAS’83, MED’83) and Ruth Poritz ■
Stephen G. Porter (MED’78) and Pamela P. Kellogg
Alvin F. Poussaint *
Ralph D. Powell (MED’58) and Deborah E. Powell
Marie Power ■☆
Daniel Powers (MED’56) and Carole S. Powers *
Jeffrey Prather ☆
Mark Pritchard and Lori J. Pritchard ☆
Pierre E. Provost (MED’87) and Elizabeth E. Porter *
Richard W. Pugsley and Mary A. Pugsley
Franco J. Puleo (CAS’13, MED’23,’23) ☆
Patricia Pullano ☆
Margot Putukian (MED’89) and Joe Hindelang
Steven R. Pyrka and Ellen Pyrka
Teresa L. Qi (MED’20) ☆
Wei Qiu (MED’14) ☆
Wendy W. Qiu and Andrew X. Zhu ¤■
Wenyu Qu (MED’13, SDM’17) ☆
Patrick Queenan and Laura Queenan ☆
Woodrow G. Quimby and Ann S. Quimby ☆
Rachel Quinonez ☆
James B. Quirk (COM’74) and Cheryl A. Quirk *
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Michael Rabin and Ann Rabin ☆
Kathleen Radway
James Ramsay and Jane Schoenfeld ☆
Herbert H. Randle ☆
Elizabeth Randolph ☆
Martine N. Randolph (MED’20) ☆
Richard A. Rankin
Mary O. Ranta *
John E. Raschka and Carol Raschka *
William V. Raszka (MED’85) and Rosemary V. Raszka *
Robert Ratay and Jo Anne Ratay ☆
Marcia H. Ratner (CAS’95, MED’04) ¤
Archana Ravikumar ☆
Taylor L. Read (MED’16) ☆
Marjorie E. Readdy-Sullivan (MED’45) *
Lloyd Real ☆
Stephen W. Reese (MED’13,’17) ☆
Jenna K. Reeves ☆
Angela C. Reffel and Brent H. Cochran ¤■
Paul M. Regan and Kathleen L. Regan *
Lee C. Reich *
Jason S. Reichenberg (CAS’99, MED’02) and Michelle M. Reichenberg (CAS’98, MED’02)
Stephen Reilly ☆
Lester Reingold and Sue Reingold ☆
John Reinhardt and Samantha Reinhardt ☆
Randa I. Reitman and Jean W. Noel ¤■
Whitney A. Retallic (SED’07)
Mary B. Rettger
Maureen Reyes ☆
Michael P. Reymann and Diane Reymann ☆
Casey Reynolds ☆
Lawrence H. Reynolds and Deborah T. Lawrence ☆
N. Chester Reynolds (MED’59) and Carolyn J. Reynolds *
Patrick Reynolds and Melinda Wells-Reynolds
Joyce M. Rezac ☆
Berling Richard and Deesa Pence ☆
Elizabeth C. Richardson
Elise K. Richman (MED’83, CAS’83) and Barry A. Richman *
Lynette Ridolfi ☆
Nancy Ries
Ian R. Rifkin ¤*
Rachel Rifkin (SPH’09) ☆
Joseph W. Riker and Elizabeth H. Riker ☆
Anne A. Riley-Hill
Theron K. Rinehart
Noreen Riordan *
Gerald M. Risch and Mary C. Risch ☆
Rita L. Ritsema (CAS’79, MED’83) and Karl G. Schwabe ■*
Marie A. Rizzo
Elizabeth N. Rizzuto
Harvey W. Robbins and Susan W. Robbins ■*
Rachel H. Robbins (SAR’03, MED’08) ¤
Christopher S. Roberts ☆
Hubert L. Roberts (MED’10) ☆
Stephen M. Robins (MED’77) and Lenore D. Robins
Daniel E. Rodd and Debra F. Rodd *
Karen Rodgers and Joseph J. Rodgers ☆
Joseph P. Rogan (GRS’72, MED’75) and Lucille M. Rogan ■
Andrew J. Rogers (MED’06)
Dennis P. Ronberg and Linda H. Ronberg *
Constance M. Rosa-Jakalski ☆
Christopher S. Rose ☆
Gerry Rose and Constance Rose
Robert Rose and Pat Rose ☆
Richard Roseff (MED’80) *
Saul J. Rosenstreich (CAS’59, MED’63) and Susan L. Rosentreich
Jaime A. Rosenthal (MED’20) ☆
Katharine C. Rosenthal ☆
Louis E. Rosenthall (MED’71) and Mary S. Rosenthall *
Sharon Rosolio ☆
Don H. Ross and Carolynn G. Ross *
Sharon E. Ross (MED’80, CAS’80) and Michael J. Ross
Stuart T. Rossman and Rochelle S. Rossman ☆
Ann Chatham Rote (SED’78) ■*
Harry Roth and Karen Roth ☆
Larry H. Roth (CAS’72, MED’75) and Kathryn Roth *
Ruth G. Rothman (MED’75) and James E. Rothman *
Alyssa Rotman
David Rourke and Alysia K. Rourke ☆
Susannah G. Rowe ¤☆
Gisele Roy ☆
Thomas A. Roy ☆
Barry J. Rubin and Kay E. Rubin *
Hilarie Rubin ☆
Jill Rudberg ☆
Andrew Rudiman
Rosalie A. Rudnick (CAS’59) and Mitchell K. Rudnick
Carolyn M. Rupolo *
John F. Russell and Mary J. Russell ☆
Patricia C. Russell *
Anthony Russo ☆
Gregory J. Ryan and Marian Carney Ryan ☆
Marisa A. Ryan (CAS’07, MED’10)
Thomas L. Ryan and Amy M. Ryan ☆
Edward K. Ryter (MED’90) *
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Kelsey D. Sack (ENG’09, MED’17,’17) and Timothy L. Sack (ENG’09)
Sean S. Sadikot (CAS’03, MED’06) and Cindy N. Sadikot (CAS’03, MED’06) ☆
Judith D. Saide (GRS’72) ¤*
Marie-Helene Saint-Hilaire and Neil D. Beneck (SPH’94) ¤■*
Richard Saitz (MED’87, CAS’87) and Angela H. Jackson ¤*
Michael J. Salkas and Judith C. Salkas
David M. Saltzberg (MED’78, CAS’78) and Elise S. Saltzberg *
Edward J. Saltzman and Joyce R. Saltzman
Ronald J. Salvatore *
Ravi K. Sambhu and Bhaskara Sambhu ■
Alan Samdperil and Sandra Samdperil ☆
Michelle Samentello ☆
Paul L. Simpson and Colleen M. Sampson ☆
Robert E. Sampson and Joan G. Sampson
Jeff M. Sands (MED’81) and Abbe Z. Sands *
Rauvynne N. Sangara (MED’13,’17) ☆
Arnold F. Santospago and Caroline V. Santospago
Steve Sapka ☆
Bradford L. Sargent and Arlyne V. Sargent ☆
Venkata Satyam and Sujatha Satyam ■*
Isabel K. Sausjord (MED’20) ☆
Maryann F. Sava ☆
Aaron M. Savar (MED’03)
Karen Savella ☆
Joseph J. Savitt (MED’82, CAS’82) and Amy E. Savitt
Darrell Sayles and Ann Sayles ■☆
Mario Scaglione and Rose Scaglione ☆
Frank Scanlon and Kay Scanlon ☆
Gerald M. Schalberg and Kim Schalberg
Peggy A. Schepp ☆
Hanna Schepps *
Paul K. Schick (MED’61) and Barbara P. Schick
Dorinda M. Cosimano and James R. Schiffer *
Michael Schneider and Linda M. Schneider
Stephen H. Schneider (MED’72, CAS’72) and Carole R. Schneider *
Sydra A. Schnipper ■*
Henry B. Schoenberger (MED’50) and Patricia A. Schoenberger ∞■*
Lynette L. Schouten ☆
Barbara Schron *
Zelma J. Schulman
John H. Schwartz (CAS’63) and Janice H. Schwartz (SSW’69) ¤*
Barbara M. Schweizer (SAR’51) and William F. Schweizer ■
Judith Scofield ☆
Martha B. Scott (MED’74)
Mayy Scotto ☆
Douglas A. Sears and Mary P. Sears ¤*
Grace M. Sears
Arthur I. Segel and Patti Saris
Sepehr Sekhavat ¤
Ronald P. Sen (MED’81) and Ellen M. Sen
Angie E. Seo (MED’17) ☆
Jamie Seymour and Renee Burgess
John F. Seymour and Martha P. Seymour
Ekta A. Shah (MED’11) ☆
Ruby Shalansky
Kathryn N. Shands (MED’77) and Joseph Mulinare *
Marc Shapiro and Didi Shapiro ☆
Michael P. Shaw ☆
Kathleen Shay ☆
Sarah E. Sheahan
Martin J. Sheehy (MED’66) and Patricia A. Sheehy *
Gerald Sheff and Sheila Sheff ☆
Rachel Shelley-Abrahamson (MED’17) ☆
Tara J. Shenoy (MED’17) ☆
David B. Shivell and Nicki Shivell ☆
Betty F. Shoemaker *
Genevieve Shore ☆
Corrine E. Shurte *
Joseph N. Sidari (MED’92) and Karen O. Sidari *
Benjamin S. Siegel (CAS’63) and Jane R. Siegel ¤*
Hudie B. Siegel (MED’80)
Molly E. Siegel (MED’17) ☆
Sikorsky Friends of Mary Jo Hohl ☆
Harold I. Silberzweig and Arlene Silberzweig
Frederick J. Silck ¤☆
Kenneth T. Siloac and Sharon A. Siloac *
Anita M. Silva *
Jean O. Silva
Geoffrey M. Silver (MED’86) and Renee L. Silver *
Harold Silver and Mary Silver
Marisa M. Silveri and Amy Moylan ☆
Jason G. Silverman (CAS’55, GRS’59, MED’60) and Louise S. Silverman (CAS’60) *
Michael L. Silverman *
Leslie M. Silverstein and Jonathan Silverstein *
Richard J. Simmons and Anne C. Simmons
Katherine R. Simon (MED’08)
Christopher P. Simons (CAS’06, MED’10) ¤
Nicholas B. Sims (Questrom’19) and Rebecca R. Sims ¤*
Wendy Sinett
Charnjit Singh (MED’91, CAS’91) and Dolly Chugh
John P. Singleton and Katherine W. Singleton ☆
Moira K. Sinnott (MED’08, SDM’12) ☆
Mike B. Siroky (MED’70, CAS’70) and Susan Siroky (SED’72,’74) ■
Paula Siviy ☆
Theodore Skerpon and Laurie A. Skerpon ☆
Frederick A. Slack *
Peter Slifker and Colleen A. Slifker ☆
Sheila M. Sloan ☆
William Small and Tracy L. Small ☆
Gerald J. Smart and Dorothy J. Smart ☆
Joe Smiddy and Lizbeth Smiddy ☆
John D. Smiley and Linda D. Smiley ■☆
Ann R. Smith ☆
Brent E. Smith (MED’79) and Laurel Newill
Brian D. Smith
David W. Smith and Kay F. Smith ☆
Dewitt H. Smith and Cynthia B. Smith ☆
Eric Smith and Shirley Smith ☆
Gary P. Smith and Lisa M. Smith
Haynes Smith and Melinda Smith ☆
Ken Smith and Janice B. Smith ☆
Mike Smith ☆
Robert G. Smith and Catherine R. Smith ☆
Scott Smith and Heather Smith ☆
Shirley Smith ☆
Stephen R. Smith and Betty R. Smith ☆
Theresa A. Smith (MED’56) and Robert R. Smith
Georgia Sobiech ☆
Paul Solomon (MED’54) and Phyllis B. Solomon (SAR’78) *
Helen V. Sombaert
Edith E. Sorrentino *
Corina Southworth ☆
Calan B. Sowa (MED’13,’17) ☆
Nicholas D. Spadaccini and Linda D. Spadaccini ☆
James E. Sparks and Sara U. Sparks
Angela Spaulding
Abbye Speck ☆
Edward B. Spector
Debra Speier
Lara B. Speier (CAS’08)
Ross Speier
Nataliya Levina (CAS’94, GRS’94) and Vadim Y. Spektor (ENG’95, MED’00)
Lorange O. Spenningsby and Barbara A. Spenningsby ■☆
Mary P. Sperounis ☆
Mary P. Spiegel
Janice L. Spieler (SED’56) *
Stephen H. Spinak and Janis B. Spinak
Gerald P. Spindel (MED’81) and Elizabeth S. Spindel (SDM’82)
Edgar St. Amour ☆
Maureen E. Stabio (MED’07) and Robert A. Stabio ☆
Staff of James J. Chittick School ☆
Neil I. Stahl (CAS’72, MED’73) and Sherri M. Stahl
Joseph R. Stallings and Kathryn E. Stallings ☆
Charlotte C. Stanley
Nichole E. Starr (SPH’08, MED’15)
Maurice H. Stauffer and Linda T. Stauffer
David Stearns and Kristin Beneski ☆
Daniel P. Stedman and Sharon J. Stedman ☆
Nathaniel A. Steiger (ENG’09, MED’13) ☆
Sema J. Stein ☆
Robert P. Steinfeld (MED’60) and Phyllis Steinfeld
John Stella ☆
Joyce Stephens
David Sterman
Michael Sternfels ☆
Stephen F. Stettler *
Benjamin Steuerwalt and Jesika Steuerwalt
Michael P. Stevens (MED’85) and Debra A. Barra-Stevens (MED’87) *
William J. Stewart and Denise E. Stewart (SED’73) *
Monica R. Stiteler (MED’13, SDM’17)
Dawn Stockton ☆
Carol Stoker
Guy W. Stone and S. Stone ☆
Armide Storey (MED’20) ☆
Douglas C. Strausbaugh and Angela K. Strausbaugh ☆
Ronald W. Strong and Georgeen L. Strong ☆
Ralph W. Stropes and Sandra L. Stropes
Katherine Stroup ☆
Ruth N. Stuart ☆
Jacqueline M. Sugarman (CAS’84, MED’88) and Walid A. Abou-Jaoude *
Richard C. Sullivan and Ann F. Sullivan ☆
Deuta Sulprizio and Jacqueline Sulprizio ☆
Dennis W. Svendsen and Elizabeth Svendsen ☆
Paul J. Swanson and Heather M. Swanson ☆
Heather E. Sweeney (MED’20) ☆
Daniel J. Sylvestre (CAS’13, MED’17)
Stephen Szilagyi and Lorraine Szilagyi
Edward D. Szmuc and Elizabeth M. Markwalder
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Peter M. Taft (MED’71) and Thayer T. Taft *
Pejman Talebian (SPH’94, MED’94) and Viktoria P. Talebian (SDM’97,’01)
Aaron W. Tamburrino and Patricia Tamburrino
Colette M. Tamuleviz ☆
Rong Tao (MED’10) ☆
Maureen M. Tardelli (SED’71) and John Tardelli ■
Jerome Targovnik and Selma Targovnik
Patricia A. Tavare ☆
Celestino R. Tavares and Gladys Carrasquillo-Tavares
Charles E. Taylor (MED’64) and Carol A. Taylor
Derrick D. Taylor (MED’78) and Cheryll A. Taylor ☆
Joseph B. Taylor (MED’79) and Marie C. Brennan (CAS’78)
Sally A. Taylor (CAS’70) *
Stewart A. Taylor and Sheila G. Taylor ☆
Herbert D. Teague and Delores S. Teague ☆
David Temes and Sara C. Temes
Burton D. Tepfer (MED’69) and Harriet K. Tepfer
James B. Terry ☆
Robert Teska and Karen K. Parsons ☆
Francesca M. Tesone (MED’13, SDM’17) ☆
Jon C. Thatcher (MED’82) and Kathryn Thatcher
Lisa H. Theobald (MET’95) and Carl E. Theobald
Jay M. Theva (CAS’07, MED’08, SDM’12) ☆
Kelsey I. Thomas (MED’17) ☆
Sharon L. Thomas
Kevin S. Thomsen and Sharon K. Thomsen ☆
William M. Thornhill and Catherine P. Thornhill ☆
Suzanne Thornley (SON’64) *
Kathleen F. Thurmond (MED’77)
Rolly O. Tiberii ☆
Constance J. Tighe ☆
Clare M. Timbie (MED’16,’16) φ
Joseph F. Timilty and Elaine F. Timilty ☆
Gregory Timmons and Colleen Timmons
Joyce M. Timpson
Samantha Tobin ☆
Aram Tomasian *
Stilson N. Tomita and Etta Baseman *
Allison E. Tonkin (MED’97) *
Bruce Tonn and Diana Tonn ■
Christopher R. Tonn (MED’10,’14)
Alcy R. Torres and Monica Torres ¤
Helen U. Tortorici ☆
Anne-Sophie Touret (MED’17) ☆
Patrick M. Tracey *
Diane Travers
John C. Traylor and Suzanne Traylor
Vickery E. Trinkaus-Randall and Gregor Trinkaus-Randall ¤■*
Cara Troup ☆
Pamela J. Troyer *
Jennifer Truitt ■☆
Ping-Fu Tsai and Sheue-Horng L. Tsai ■
Yvonne Tuck
Carlton H. Tucker and Kathleen M. Tucker
Cynthia M. Tudor-Schultz ☆
Jack Turpin and Barbara J. Turpin ☆
Dennis Tuzzio and Adrien Tuzzio ☆
Barbara Tylenda and Scott H. Ogilvie ☆
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Denise Uhlman ☆
Brian Uhrmacher and Natalie M. Pellegrino ☆
Leo J. Urbinelli (MED’05) ☆
Tina Vaccarelli ☆
Gregory J. Vachowski (SED’67, MET’82) and Theresa R. Vachowski *
David Vadas and Sharon B. Vadas ☆
Lev Vaisman (MED’16,’16)
Roy Valenzuela
Katherine F. Valles (SAR’16, MED’18)
Frank J. Valli and Nancy J. Valli ☆
Carol A. Van Atta and Donna Reuter ☆
Lucy Van Beever (MET’17) ¤☆φ
Thomas Van Riper
Daniel Vance ☆
Everett Vandersnoek and Andrea Vandersnoek ☆
Richard M. Vars and Claudia C. Vars
Amy K. Veale (MED’89) and John T. Veale (SDM’86, SPH’98)
Adin Velagic and Jasminka Velagic *
Almir Velagic (ENG’05) and Elma Kadic
Miran Velagic
David R. Veltre (MED’13) *
Kristy Ventura ☆
Erol E. Verter (MED’16)
Diane C. Vice *
Matthew Villanyi (MED’20) ☆
Andrew J. Villarreal and Belinda H. Villarreal ☆
James G. Vinette and Judith A. Vinette ☆
Aristodemo T. Visca and Anne Marie Visca ☆
Alicia Vitagliano (MED’05) *
Jane M. Von Bergen
Anne Marie Vorrasi House ☆
Irina D. Vovnoboy (CAS’08, MED’12) ¤*
Mrithyunjay Vyliparambil ☆
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Alan J. Wabrek (MED’63) and Carolyn J. Wabrek *
Deborah Wagner
Robert F. Wall and Catherine Wall ☆
Carly J. Wallace (CAS’17) ☆
Julian A. Waller (MED’57) and Elsa N. Waller (Questrom’57, PAL’57) *
Patricia S. Walline
Carol T. Walsh (GRS’73) ¤*
Patricia M. Walsh (MED’87) *
Patrick J. Walsh and Kerry K. Walsh ☆
Cynthia Wang (MED’16,’20) ☆
Flint Y. Wang (MED’13)
Katie Ward ☆
Jeremy L. Warner (MED’05) *
Susan Warren *
Robert Washburn and Denise LaRoque ☆
David K. Wasserman and Lisa G. Wasserman ☆
Michael S. Wasserman (CAS’10, MED’14) ☆
Kalman L. Watsky (MED’83, CAS’83) and Deborah Fried *
Jim L. Watson and Sherry J. Watson ☆
Jaime Weisberg
Arthur K. Weiss ☆
Christy Weiss ☆
Loel M. Weiss and Patricia F. Weiss ■
Martha L. Weiss ☆
Joshua D. Weissman (CAS’04, MED’07) and Eliana Weissman *
Jack T. Wells and Kim J. Wells
James E. Wells and Patricia A. Wells ☆
Bonnie A. Wentzell ☆
Douglas Werner and Pam Werner ☆
Douglas Wernet and Beverly Wernet
Robert P. West and Deborah D. West ☆
Edward R. White (MED’79) and Daria White *
Herbert White (CAS’48) and Millicent T. White *
Julie L. White and Stephen O’Reilly ¤*
Michael White and Anne White ☆
Linda M. White-Habelt ☆
Bonnie Whitmore ☆
Richard Whitmore ☆
Elizabeth R. Whitney (MED’05) ¤
David O. Whittemore ☆
James P. Whitters ☆
Zach Whittington
Charles M. Wicks (CAS’73, MED’77) and Katherine A. Wicks (COM’74) ■
Ita N. Wiener (SSW’77) and William Wiener (MED’57)
Leland M. Wildes and Joanne M. Wildes
Arthur H. Wiley and Jean J. Wiley
Eric M. Will and Suzanne G. Will *
Devina L. Willard (MED’11) and Dustin Willard
Ana M. Williams
Elaine Williams
John G. Williams (MED’67) and Lucille A. Williams *
Robert H. Williams ☆
Stuart Williger *
Elizabeth V. Wilson (MED’17) ☆
James M. Wilson and Caridad Wilson ■*
Maegen Wilson ☆
Michael W. Winderl and Lisa W. Winderl ☆
Kevin J. Winger and Patricia S. Winger
Steven Winnick ☆
Janet L. Winslow ☆
David J. Winton
Mary Wirken
Peter A. Wirth *
Joseph T. Wiswell ■☆
Ellen D. Witkowski (MED’18)
Donald E. Wojick and Julie H. Wojick ☆
Charles L. Wolf and Mary Ann Wolf ☆
Mark W. Wolozin (MED’84) and Tina Usdin (SED’82)
John Wolter ☆
Philip Siva S. Vittozzi Wong (MED’12,’17)
Stephanie J. Wong (CAS’15, MED’15)
Warren Wong and Merilyn Wong ■*
Deane C. Woodring and Carole A. Woodring ☆
Nicholas T. Woolf (MED’15,’17)
Anneli Wrethling *
Kenneth W. Wright (MED’77) and Donna M. Wright
Stephen C. Wright (MED’00) and Leslie M. Wright (SPH’00) *
Chuang-Kuo Wu (MED’98) and Tzu-Feng Chung (MED’98)
Heng Wu (MED’01) ☆
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John A. Yacoub and Rima B. Yacoub
Henry M. Yager (MED’66) and Felice B. Yager *
Andrew E. Yankovic (CAS’70)
Kenneth A. Yant and Cynthia S. Yant ☆
Larry E. Yarkin (SED’73,’78) and Reesa G. Yarkin (SED’68) *
Halina M. Yee (MED’20) ☆
John F. Yee (MED’75) and Arthur R. Cores ∞*
Shew S. Yee and Teresa Yee ■*
Allen Yen (MED’0,’19, ENG’13) ¤*
John P. Yengo and Maryjean Yengo ☆
Andrew Yeung and Terry Yeung ■☆
Anthony Yeung (MED’20,’20) ☆
Howard S. Ying ¤
Steven M. Yood (MED’92) and Marianne U. Yood (SAR’86, SPH’90,’98) *
James Youngs and Margaret H. Youngs
George Yuankai Gu ☆
Craig Yurcich ☆
Thomas M. Zabek and Charlene T. Zabek *
Catherine E. Zadoretzky *
Marie Zalenski ☆
Glen B. Zamansky and Sue Anne Zamansky ¤*
Bradley P. Zehr (MED’13,’18) ☆
Robert M. Zelazo (MED’75) and Sandra N. Zelazo (SED’75) *
Robert D. Zey and Debra Zellmer-Zey
Marsha L. Zellner (CAS’80, MED’84) *
Alex Y. Zhang and Yiping Wang ■
Cecilia X. Zhang (MED’16) ☆φ
Summer R. Zhang (MED’09)
Xuemei Zhong (MED’02) and Wenda Gao *
Kimberly T. Zickefoose ☆
Elliott L. Zide (LAW’68) and Michele M. Zide
Florencia A. Zigante (MED’20) ☆
Leslie H. Zimmerman
Judy Zirkle ☆
Hilbert Ziskin (MED’55) ■*
Patricia A. Zucchi (CFA’79) and John A. Zucchi
Beth Zullo ☆
Ann C. Zumwalt ¤
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◊ – Annual Fund Leadership Giving Society φ – Young Alumni Giving Society
∞ – Deceased ¤ – Faculty/Staff Member
■ – Parent ☆ – First-time Donor
* – Loyal Donor ǂ – Dean’s Advisory Board Member
○ – William Fairfield Warren Society member