Students Celebrate Unity, Diversity at 2nd Annual Culture Show

Hiebert Lounge came alive Wednesday night, Feb. 12, with performances of music, song, dance and spoken word from around the world at the 2nd Annual BUSM Culture Show.

In addition to the performances, there also was a cultural fashion show. Students from eight countries modeled cultural attire while the significance of the clothing and textiles were explained. The countries represented included Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Ghana, Mexico, Nigeria, the Philippines and Vietnam.

“The evening was a showcase of the talents and cultures of our students,” said Ajay Nathan, MS, BUSM ’22, one of the event co-organizers. ‘Every diversity group was involved this year as we tried to make the event a learning opportunity for our students.”

Prior to each of the 11 performances, the show’s hosts Tremearne Hotz, BUSM ’22, and Kaleb Mikami, BUSM ’22, gave the background of the particular performance and its significance to the culture.

“We wanted to highlight the diversity of our students and educate attendees so that they would leave having been both fed and entertained while also learning more about each other,” said co-organizer Jarrett Bumidang, BUSM ’22.

The event was sponsored by the Asian Pacific Medical Student Association, Christian Medical Dental Association, Latino Medical Student Association, Maimonides Society, South Asian Medical Student Association and the Student National Medical Association, with funding from SCOMSA, the Office of Diversity & Inclusion and the BUSM Wellness Initiative.

Please see the Facebook album for photos from the show.