Drs. Pietro Cottone and Valentina Sabino become U.S. citizens. Dr. Cottone Records Album/Shares Perspective in the Boston Globe and BU Today.

Cassie Moore receives Ruth L Kirschstein NRSA Predoctoral Fellowship from NIDA.

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Boston University School of Medicine. Researchers in the Laboratory of Addictive Disorders have discovered that impulsivity is a risk factor for food addiction . Results of the study, published online in Neuropsychopharmacology , suggest that impulsivity promotes pathological overeating.

Researchers Show that CRF in the Amygdala is Responsible for Compulsive Overeating

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 NIDAIRP Hot Paper, November 2012: Antagonism of Sigma-1 Receptors Blocks Compulsive-Like Eating

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BUSM Researchers Find Drug Used for Addiction Treatment May Block Binge Eating Impulse.

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