Research Cores

IVIS Imaging Core

The IVIS Imaging Core offers non-invasive monitoring of bio-luminescence and fluorescence in 3 dimensions within small animal models (rats and mice) and assay of comparatively sized tissue volumes post animal retrieval for specimens from larger animals. The IVIS Imaging Core is equipped with the Xenogen IVIS imaging System – with Fluorescence Kit, Anesthesia System, and Living Image Acquisition/Analysis Package.

Metabolic Phenotyping Core

The Metabolic Phenotyping Core provides experimental testing services to researchers studying metabolic diseases in mouse models. We are able to provide examinations to identify the following in live mouse models:

  • Measures of key health outcomes such as aging, cancer, disease progression, and obesity
  • Assessment of body composition
  • Measurement of basal metabolic rate
  • Assessment of Maximal Aerobic Capacity