Recent Awards for Trainees

Congratulations to these Pulmonary Center trainees who were recently successful in receiving extramural training awards: (Featured left to right) Eduardo Nunez, MD Fourth Year Fellow Mentor: Renda Wiener NIH NCI F32 – Determining organizational structures and processes that improve lung cancer screening adherence among underserved populations, effective 9/15/21 LUNGevity Foundation Health Equity and Inclusiveness Research Fellow […]

Jay Mizgerd named Jerome S. Brody, MD, Professor of Pulmonary Medicine

We are so pleased that Joseph P. Mizgerd, ScD, was named the inaugural Jerome S. Brody, MD, Professor of Pulmonary Medicine. On Sept. 14, colleagues, friends and family gathered in a ceremony held both in-person and over Zoom to witness the installation and to celebrate the contributions of Drs. Brody and Mizgerd to the BU […]

New Research Identifies Signals Controlling Goblet Cells in the Lung

Associate Professor Bob Varelas and colleagues have discovered that goblet cell numbers in the airways are governed by Yap and Taz transcription factors. Because goblet cells and the mucus they produce are excessive in many chronic lung diseases (such as COPD, asthma, and cystic fibrosis), this new understanding of the signaling pathways determining goblet cell […]

BUSM Awarded $4.1M to Support the Next Generation of Trail-blazers in Multidisciplinary Lung Science

BUSM’s longest NIH-funded research training program, “Biology of the Lung: A Multi-Disciplinary Program,” has been awarded a five-year, T32 grant to provide multidisciplinary training and exposure to collaborative lung biology in three scientific areas that are special strengths at Boston University: Development and Regenerative Medicine; Immunology and Infection; and Biomedical Data Sciences. This renewal means […]

Do lottery strategies work to boost COVID vaccination?

COVID-19 has caused a tragic loss of life and well-being. The rapid development, testing, and distribution of vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 is an incredible biomedical accomplishment. Some people choose not to receive vaccines that are available to them, increasing risk for them and others around them. As an attempt to overcome such vaccine hesitancy, multiple US […]

Recent Awards for Trainees

Congratulations to these Pulmonary Center trainees who were recently successful in receiving extramural training awards: Claire Burgess Ph.D. Student, Mentor: Darrell Kotton NIH F31 Predoctoral Fellowship Award “Generation of human alveolar epithelial type I cells from pluripotent stem cells” Senegal Carty Ph.D. Student, Mentor: Matt Jones American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship Award “Pulmonary Lymphatic Endothelial […]

2021 ATS Awards

Justin Lui, M.D. Pulmonary Fellow, Mentor: Klings/Wiener 2021 ATS Ziskind Clinical Research Scholar Award “The Ziskind Clinical Research Scholar Award is an ATS Scholarship Award that honors pulmonary and critical care fellows engaged in clinical research. The award was named after Morton Ziskind, MD, a highly respected clinician-researcher from Tulane University who died in 1979 […]

PhD Candidate Kiloni Quiles-Franco Featured in Podcast Interview

Kiloni Quiles-Franco is a PhD candidate in the labs of Felicia Chen MD in the Pulmonary Center and Evan Johnson PhD in the Division of Computational Biomedicine at Boston University School of Medicine. Kiloni is engaged in a number of on- and off-campus initiatives focused on equity and inclusion, such as the Women’s Professional Development […]

New ways to attack necrotic tuberculous granulomas in the lung

Approximately one quarter of all humans have been infected during their lifetime with Mycobacterium tuberculosis – the bacteria that causes tuberculosis (TB). Most of the infected people control the bacteria that remain dormant for many years. In some individuals, however, the bacteria grow in the lungs, causing severe lung damage, including the formation of necrosis […]