The Neuroscience of Religious Experience

Cambridge University Press, 2009

The Neuroscience of Religious Experience is available to purchase through Cambridge University Press. Click here for more details. Below is the table of contents.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: God and the Self
Chapter 2: On the Self and the Divided Self
Chapter 3: Mechanisms and Dynamics of Decentering
Chapter 4: Neurology of the Self
Chapter 5: Neurology of Religious Experiences
Chapter 6: Neurochemistry of Religiosity
Chapter 7: Self-Transformation as a Key Function of Performance of Religious Practices
Chapter 8: Self-Transformation through Spirit Possession
Chapter 9: God Concepts
Chapter 10: Religious Language
Chapter 11: Ritual
Chapter 12: Life-Span Development of Religiosity and the Self
Chapter 13: The Evolution of Self and Religion
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